Creatingway Technology (HK) Limited 

No.330, Bai Bang Industrial Park, Dabutou Road, , Shenzhen, 广东 (Guangdong), 518000, China


We aim to delight our customers with a highly flexible low volume manufacturing service. Creatingway Technology Limited was started by two experienced engineers with an extensive background in precision machining and mold tool manufacture. With an initial investment in two CNC machines, we quickly expanded our manufacturing capabilities to include CNC machining, injection molding, and a fully equipped sheet metal fabrication shop in our 3000m2 manufacturing facility. Located in Shenzhen, and with customers from all over the world, we have amassed extensive experience in developing hardware and components. We have a wide range of experience producing parts and complete products with varying levels of complexity from many different industries. This experience has enabled our team to develop in-depth knowledge when it comes to ensuring parts are made right the first time. Under our ISO9001 Quality Management System, we have developed robust and reliable procedures for managing projects. We have five inspectors that not only perform first-article, in-process, and final inspection, but they also work side by side with our shop floor staff to ensure that we meet our customers' requirements. • 15 CNC Machines • 6 CNC Lathes • 2 CNC Press Brakes • 1 NC Sheer • 4 Electric Discharge Machines • 9 Injection Molding Machines • Optimal Projector • CMM • Hardness Tester

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Having the right tools and equipment is critical for an efficient and safe operation. At Cesar-Scott, Inc., we know how essential high-performance tools and equipment are to maintaining workflow and safety.

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Sunken Copper Machine

Sunken Copper Machine






Hardness Testing x 1

Drilling and Tapping


CNC Turning parts

Vacuum Casting

2 CNC Press Brakes (2.5M)

NC Sheer

CNC Laser Cutter

CNC Drilling & Boring Machines

Optical projector

4 Axis CNC Machine

3*4*5 CNC Machining Center

Bending & Cutting

Laser Engraving

2.5D Projector

8 Surface Grinders


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Ratings & Reviews From Buyers

4.40 (10)
Excellent communications, excellent quality, fast delivery.
—John H, Saddle Rider Music LLC
Manufacturer Reponse
Hi John, Thank you for your trust, As you know that we always get you the best support and services, even though we know that the price is a little bit higher, but we should be able to discuss this and try us first. We have machined lots of these similar parts in-house. Anyway, Looking forward to working with you again.
—Greg T, Mt. Olympus Consulting
Manufacturer Reponse
Hi Greg, Thank you for your trust, Looking forward to working with you again.
My design was fabricated without my permission before contract was awarded. Images of part were even found on internet before RFQ was completed for their company self promotion! Be warned!
—Graham H, OHM Industrial Designers
Manufacturer Reponse
I have to upload your draw and sample photo, I have shipped you twice samples, but every time you always revised the drawing, how we can meet your expect, I have told you that we can redo for you if you have final drawing, but can't revise again.
Production parts looked very good. Parts were delivered in a timely manner. Creatingway was a good supplier.
—Ken S, MAX Mobility
Manufacturer Reponse
Great customers, looking forward to have more works together. Ricky
This supplier delivered high quality parts and did a good job communicating with me. There was some confusion about the print that caused the supplier not to meet the promised delivery date but I would reorder from them again.
—Doug S, Doug Snyder Co.
Manufacturer Reponse
Quality is first, our communication is easy, we always do excellent service to our customers, Hope have more works together.
Initial versions of our part were disappointing, but Ricky and his team worked very hard to address this, and the final parts were of excellent quality. Hope to work with you again!
—David P, Brunswick Space Administration
Manufacturer Reponse
We always get your best support. Looking forward to working on more projects with you together again. my friend.
Great to do business with. Product was nicely built.
—Dan M, Grucisa Engineering
Manufacturer Reponse
Great customers, enjoy this work with you.
Manufacturer Reponse
Great customer, enjoy this work with you.
As a very small OEM it is difficult to find quality suppliers that will accept very small production runs at a price that is reasonable. Overall I was happy with the parts I received from Creatingway. While there were some inconsistencies in the parts and not all of the dimensional specs were met, the parts were usable. I attribute the inconsistency to not only the small size of the parts but also the small quantity. Also to CreatingWay's credit the pricing was very aggressive and they were able to meet this. That being said I would expect much high quality and more attention to detail with larger quantity production runs. I have given a 5 star rating on quality but I feel a 4-1/2 star would be more appropriate. Where CreatingWay excels is in there communication. Ricky was easy to communicate with and answered emails promptly. He provided pictures of the parts at different stages of production which was very helpful. Again given the very small production run of only 165 pieces this was invaluable. On delivery they also did very well. It did take a little longer than was originally quoted (15 days) but was within reason at about 25 days. While I can't guaranty the same experience I had with Creatingway I recommend using them. I will be using them again as new projects are needed.
—Michael K, WingSpan Models
Good communication. Above average number of rejects but supplier promptly replaced all rejected parts.
—Lukas K, Crucial Detail LLC
Manufacturer Reponse
Make easy communication, highly quality both are our mission to customers, Hope we will have more works together.
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