Chengdu Creation Precision Mould Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Qingyang District, Chengdu, ?? (Sichuan), 610000, China


    Chengdu Creation Precision Mould Co., Ltd. established in Panda's homeland Chengdu at 31/8/2006. We commit to build up the beautiful future with our customer under the following area:

1).Design & fabricate precision plastic mould, progressive mould, die mould

2).Manufature precision mechanical spare parts

3).Produce plastic & stampping products and assembly

    Our technical team come from Singapore and Guangdong China. They understand the critical standard of US/Europ. We use the advanced CAD/CAM to produce and the international standards to manage. There are over 10s high precision machine to manufacture. Our customer come from different area:Energy, Environment Protection, Semiconduct, Optics, Military, Medical, Automobil Spare Parts, Aviation, Precision Checking Quipment, etc.

    Wish our service to creation additional value and build up bright future for you and us ......

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