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Cheek Engineering & Stamping 

1732 McGaw Avenue, Irvine, California, 92780, United States


Cheek Engineering Stamping has over 60 years of experience in precision deep draw stamping. We provide die design and fabrication to produce components that will meet your specific needs. Our capabilities feature deep draw stamping and transfer pressing. With a press rating of 15 to 150 tons, our transfer presses have up to 14 stations and a maximum press stroke of 12". Using innovative press technology, and presses that we have built ourselves from proprietary designs, we can produce parts as small as .205" long up to 5.750" with diameters from .250" to 5.00". Working primarily with steel, stainless, brass, nickel, and aluminum, material thickness ranges from .005" to .100". We can also work with annealed materials. Cheek can work to tolerances of.002" for length and diameter and .0005" in special circumstances. Our 25,000 square foot facility is located in Southern California where we are able to provide individual and personalized service to each of our customers. To learn more about our precision deep draw metal stamping services, please see the table below or contact us directly. Cheek Engineering Stamping is a family owned and operated company located in southern California. The Company was founded in 1949 by Ray Cheek, a gifted engineer and pioneer in the world of deep draw stamping. Cheek services a variety of industries and has the capability to produce a wide range of components out of a variety of materials. Ray Cheek designed and built his own style of transfer press technology that is still used exclusively at Cheek Engineering and other companies today. In 1949 Ray built his first transfer pressing machine with a Plymouth 6 cylinder engine block as its foundation. This first press was built under contract of the Tubing Cap Seal Co. of Los Angeles. A variety of these machines were built until the need for heavier, faster more productive machines. Ray then built the 100 to 150 ton presses with up to 15 transfer stations. These machines have stood the test of time and are still meeting the demand of the high production stamping environment today. After Rays passing and the retirement of his son Richard, the company was taken over in January 2010 by Chris Huff, former president and co-founder of Probe Racing Components. With Chris' capabilities and former manufacturing experience, the company is being updated to improve its processes to insure quality products and cost effective results. Cheek Engineering produces close tolerance deep drawn metal stampings for Aerospace, Automotive and electronics, irrigation, flow control and commercial goods industries. Production capabilities include mid to high volume, cylindrical shaped parts, produced through deep draw transfer press technology. Compound and progressive die capabilities are also utilized at Cheek Engineering. Parts can be produced in stainless steel, steel, brass, nickel and aluminum in a thickness range of .005" to .120" and size ranges of .25" to 5.00" diameter and .25" to 5.85" in length. Cheek Engineering is a full service stamping facility with complete tool and die shop, 10 transfer presses and 10 conventional presses, fully equipped inspection room and parts de-greasing and finishing capabilities. In addition we have a complete warehouse for customer needing just in time delivery services.

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