Changshu Yicheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. 常熟益诚精密机械有限公司 

江苏省常熟市碧溪镇碧溪东路1号, 常熟, 江苏 (Jiangsu), 215500, China


The Changshu Yicheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., is a wholly-owned private sector. Located in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province along the Yangtze River Development Zone, from Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, five kilometers, the transportation is very convenient, professional major enterprises and institutions supporting the processing of all types of machinery products. The company has fixed assets of 550 million, the production workshop plant a total area of ??2,000 square meters. The company has many years of production experience, the company sophisticated equipment, the core technology leader, with strong product quality assurance. Senior NC Elite has a number of both ability and integrity, our technical team through the use of UG, CATIA, IDEAS, Pro / E, Powermill, Cimatron, MasterCAM and AutoCAD world advanced CAD / CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) software can be to meet the requirements of customers of any complex shape parts and mold technology. From product design - shape optimization - 3D graph construction - Modeling parting - injection mold flow analysis - dynamic institutions simulation - electrodes (copper the public) Split - CNC machining full integration solutions. The company has many years of precision manufacturing history, has established a good reputation in the precision manufacturing molds and machinery parts (parts), many customers praise and widespread praise.The company's main processing products: professional to undertake a variety of materials processing, auto spare parts, electronic hardware products, aluminum processing, mold processing, metallurgy parts non-standard parts processing, and so on.Equipment:Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. CNC machining centers, 10 sets Machine Model: 850E triaxial workbench effective stroke 850 * 500; 850E four-axis 3 units, effective stroke workbench 850 * 500, which operated Platform the itinerary can reach 1050 * 500; CNC milling machine automatically.Auxiliary equipment: the pneumatic power wire feeder Taiwan Taiwan, desktop drill made four desktop friction power wire machine, sawing units, vertical and horizontal the ordinary milling machines (vertical) 4, 6136 lathe ;Other equipment: 4 m surface grinder machine tool production in Sichuan Taiwan 1, 3 m surface grinder. We generally cooperate with you in the following ways: Your drawings and requirements → Division I doing the technology work → workshop production → surface treatment → assembly → shipment. 2 you provide prototype based on prototype of Surveying and Mapping → → Division I the design → surface treatment → assembly → Shipping → technology work → workshop production. Your Product Descriptions and interior parts → → consultation with your design structural design → You acknowledge → → workshop production technology work → surface treatment → assembly → shipment.The company has a strong technical force, advanced equipment, perfect testing means, to provide one-stop precision CNC machining services dedicated to the major companies.Economic globalization and international standards, the company responsibility to the needs of our customers, our advanced technology, first-class quality, excellent service, reasonable prices is committed to the machinery manufacturing industry, we have the courage to fight, innovation, forever pragmatic spirit, to meet the domestic and international market demand.24-hour hotline processing services Phone: 13706236976 Contact: Mr. Tan 13913628542 Contact: Mr. Tan 0512-52296976 Hotline Fax phoneWebsite: www.ycjmjx.comE-mail:

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