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Chamber Engineering Ltd 


Chamber Engineering Ltd and its Parent company are a leading manufacturing group with companies and offices located in the UK (London), China, Hong Kong and the Czech Republic.We hold a vast experience and knowledge in high precision production for world class customers for over 18 years, offering top quality and tailor made services.We specialize in the manufacture of Moulds, plastic and metal components of a high mechanical complexity, using a range of technologies such as, Plastic Injection, Die casting, Extrusion, CNC Machining, Precision Turning Milling and Processing, Sandcasting, Punching, Fabrications and many others.This service includes the best manufacturers and suppliers in the world, dependability and quality testing of products and delivery to any location worldwide.Our representatives are here to assist you in any way they can.CAPABILITIES: The foundry was established in early 1933 and provides the manufacturing processes of tools, investment and die casting, machining and surface treatment all under one roof, across a range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel and copper. Chamber Engineering Ltd., offers a production of lightweight, high strength of complex part with high technical characteristics used castings. Chamber Engineering Ltd is able to provide weights of 0.01 - 10kg and sizes of up to 50cm. PRODUCTS: Accuracy and high degree of precision with high quality of surface finish of Aerospace and defence products, medical equipment and automotive transportation.COMPANY ATTRIBUTES: Our foundry and machine shops are AS90100 and ISO9001, AS9100C (technical equivalent EN 9100:2009) NADCAP certified. The workplace heat treatment NADCAP certification (heat treatment) is performed according to AMS 2771 (formerly MIL-H-6088) and in terms of equipment meets all the requirements of AMS 2750. Chamber Engineering exceeds the ability of the competition and is responsible to assist in solving all the problems of their customers and be among the leaders in the production of precision aluminium castings.

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14x60 Graziano Sag 14

Aerospace & Defense Parts

Die Casting

Faro QuantumS CMM

Investment Casting

Laser & plasma cutting machines

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal & Machined Components Fabrications & assemblies & specialists in Deep Drawn components

Surface Treatment

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Chamber Engineering Ltd 

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