Cast Dream Steel Precision Castings Co.,Ltd 

5 Baoma Road Shui Bian Cun, Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China., 东莞, 广东 (Guangdong), 523470, China


Welcome to our profile. My name is David Ren. I am a technical sales engineer with nearly two decades of experience in manufacturing. Dream Cast Our company, Cast Dream Steel Precision Castings Limited, is located in Dongguan, China, one of the world's manufacturing epicenters. We produce high-resolution precision steel investment (Lost-Wax) castings with in-house post-machining (CNC) and extensive finishing capabilities. We cast out of a wide range of different grades of steel, including stainless. Our History and Operating Markets Our factory has been making castings for over nine years. We export over 85% of our castings and machined parts to the USA, Europe, and Japan worldwide. We currently have an annual output of 1,200 tons by weight per annum. To give you an idea of our casting envelope, we can make castings that weigh between around 5 Grams up to 100 Pounds (50KG). Our team will help you optimize your design for investment casting, machining, heat-treatment, surface treatment, and assembly. Our Engineering Support Our team will help you optimize your design for investment process solutions from producing design for manufacturing for processes including, but not limited to, casting, machining, heat-treatment, surface treatment, and assembly. A Vast Range of Industries Served We work with an extensive range of customers. Some of the products we have produced include: High-end bathroom hardwarePump and valve componentsKitchenwareDoor locksFurniture componentsMarine boat partsCamera casingsParaglider accessoriesIndustrial AgricultureMiningRobotics Additional Support If you require additional components to be sourced in addition to our casting services, we have a broad supply chain ecosystem. Quality, Price, Delivery, and Service We offer complete material traceability and full inspection reports for every batch of products. As an ISO certificated company, our quality processes enable stable quality. In addition, we work with our clients to find the best balance between price and performance, offer fast delivery, and provide excellent service. They say you can only look as good as your supplier lets you look, let us help you look great! Thanks for stopping by!

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10/16T Heavy weighted wax injection machine 6sets

Double station wax injection machine   2sets

Sand spraying machine 3sets

L type moistening slurry machine  4sets

1000m shell mold hanging & drying line 1set

High-pressure steam dewaxing cauldron   1set

Wax treatment and circulation system   1set

Shell mould roaster 1set 

Electromagnetic induction m-frequency furnace 3sets

Caterpillar shot blasting machine   4sets

Hanging shot blasting machine 3sets

Shell breaking machine   2sets

Oil press 3sets

Air compressor   2sets

Manual sandblasting machine   2sets

Automatic sandblasting machine   1set

CNC/ lathe/mill/Drill machine   11sets

Spectrum analyzer   1set

Salt spray testing machine

Three-coordinates measuring machine 

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IATF 16949

ISO 14001

ISO 9001



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