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Cast Aluminum Solutions 

1310 Kingsland Dr., Batavia, Illinois, 60510, United States


Cast Aluminum Solutions designs & manufactures precision-engineered thermal products for OEMs and processors worldwide. CAS specializes in circulation heaters, heat exchangers, food grills & steam generators, semiconductor wafer pedestal heaters, and custom heated or cooled shapes.

Markets include semiconductor wafer processing, foodservice equipment, industrial gas, chemical & petroleum, natural gas, and medical & pharmaceutical sectors. CAS is located near Chicago in Batavia Illinois with offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

Cast Aluminum Solutions features a large in-house foundry allowing us to manufacture unique products with cast-in heaters, cast-in cooling tubes and gas lines. Many CAS heaters use cast-in stainless steel tubes, to accommodate products such as oil heaters, natural gas heating devices and fuel heaters. CAS Heaters with stainless steel cast-in fluid tubes can heat flammable liquids & gases.

CAST-X Circulation Heaters can warm fuels and hydrocarbons (jet fuel, kerosene, methane, natural gas). Plus, CAST-X Heater vaporize cryogenic gases because they withstand high pressures from Joule-Thomson gas expansion. To prevent J-T cooling, CAST-X Heaters are installed in cryogenic and natural gas applications.

Cast Aluminum Solutions sells high-purity heaters for semiconductor, food and pharmaceutical processes. CAST-X Heaters can feature passivated or electropolished stainless steel tubes for high purity heating of food products, dairy, pharmaceuticals, and blood & plasma additives.

For customers requiring Teflon tubes, PUR-X Heaters are offered by Cast Aluminum Solutions. The PUR-X Heater is a high purity inline heater with a removable, replaceable PFA fluid flow-tube (Teflon®). The PUR-X Inline Heater from CAS warms gases and liquids of all types, perfect for solvent & acid heating or semi gas heating. Many satisfied customers in the semiconductor, pharma, and medical device markets purchase PUR-X Inline Heaters.

CAS offers “no contact heaters”. Universal Solvent Heater from CAS is a circulation heater for warming solvents and caustic chemicals. This explosion-proof heater is perfect for warming semi solvents, anodizing & plating chemicals or industrial cleaning chemicals.

For high purity semiconductor gases or “heating wafer-processing gases” a PUR-Therm Heater from Cast Aluminum Solutions is preferred. Semi gases and carrier gases for silicon wafer processing must use ultra-high-purity heaters (UHP) such as PUR-Therm from CAS. PUR-Therm has SST flow lines with a low-Ra ID, featuring indirect heating methods made famous by other heat exchanger products manufactured by Cast Aluminum Solutions.

More Circulation Heater information is at www.castaluminumsolutions.com/circulation-heater-summary

The key to all CAS products is our Engineering Dept. Our new R&D Tech Center houses the CAS New Product Development Team, which utilizes the industry’s most advanced engineering, design and test tools. Capabilities include Finite Element Analysis (heater design services), Vacuum Chamber tests for heated products, Life Cycle Testing for cast-in heaters, and X-Ray & Infrared Imaging for high-uniformity semi chamber heaters.

CAS has recently released a new product called CAST-X High Temperature Circulation Heater with temps up to 600°C or 1110°F.

Cast Aluminum Solutions also makes high-uniformity, high-temperature stainless steel pedestals (SST pedestal heaters) for semi wafer processing “in-chamber wafer heating applications”.

Custom heated products are also available – in aluminum, SST, bronze or copper – to fit medical device markets (dialysis heaters), aircraft processes (jet fuel heating), cryogas vaporizing, and commercial foodservice equipment markets.

Visit www.CastAluminumSolutions.com or Call (US) 630-879-2696 or email CAS at Sales@CastAluminumSolutions.com

Cast Aluminum Solutions: Precision-Engineered Thermal Components from Concept to Production.

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