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Boger Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd 

No.16 West Mu Xu Road, Mu Du Town, SuZhou, China, Su Zhou, 江苏 (Jiangsu), 215101, China


BMT, Inc is a professional mechanical products manufacturer,13 years ISO-9001-2000 certified mechanical manufacturing experience. Focus on provide our clients high quality and professional manufacturing and production services. Bogie precision CNC machining plant locate in NingBo city, 300KM far away from ShangHai, China. Integrated precision CNC Machining components injection mould manufacturing; tooling; Jigs Fixtures; Industrial products fabrication; inspection; testing and packaging service. Bogie company also can provide you other precision industrial components and manufacturing services in China, our competitive cost can help you owe more business. Our services includes: • CNC Machining • Plastic Injection • Metal Stamping • Prototyping • injection moulds • OEM and Sub-assembly as a professional industrial products manufacturer. We have the professional project management team and customer service team with professional engineering; purchasing and quality assurance engineers in our shanghai office.Our team focus on assist our plants provide our clients high quality products; competitive costs; timely project management circumspect customer service. Please contact us to bring you high quality products and excellent industrial services. Looking forward to cooperate with you.

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Ratings & Reviews From Buyers

3.93 (14)
Neo was great to work with. The parts came quickly and were of acceptable quality. Will do business with again.
—Justin M, Hydrophase, LLC
Very good quality, professional, responsive to our requirements.
—Daniel F, Cyberbike
Bogie Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd Mr. Xiao Wang completely failed in creating a single sample part even with a working proto type in hand. His profile supported by this web site stated 6 sided stamping, solid work imagery, and aerospace technology. A four star rating was given. The first issue was drawings only 2D acrobat drawing could be used. The next problem Mr. Xiao Wang bounced around different stamping facilities in China for three months. A bag of uncompleted metal parts was received. We encountered language barriers only at certain times. He procrastinated for weeks when we asked for a refund. The Vice President of MFG was called to retrieve our funding. Mr. Xiao Wang sent email messages with profanity and slanderous statements. Buyer in the US working with Bogie Molding was calling our company for paschal payments. Our 1500-dollar proto type product was destroyed. MFG will most likely still support this company sine they receive a large sum per year. They will most likely change the name of there company. If anyone is considering using the company as a supplier please. Stay away from this company!
—Doug D, DTS
Very good for the price! Will be doing business again.
—Sergey U, University of California Davis
Nice parts, quick turnaround. Will use them again.
—Ken S, MAX Mobility
Well done. Communicates well.
—Andy K, Aaki Corp.
As quoted. Would use again.
—Roger H, C & S Specialties, Inc.
—William (, Malone Motorsports
Shafts were to print. Also good value. Need to package better, parts were nicked up.
—Mike W, Lucky Two, LLC
It took two tries however the finish on this part was great. Communication is not easy.
—Christian F, Acquisition Solutions K
Company wanted me to increase quantity ordered. When I did not increase quantity to level they wanted they increased price quoted by 40%. Since I was so far into the process I was forced to accept their increased price in order to meet my manufacturing delivery dates. I would caution anyone ordering from Boogie to lock in the price before getting too far into the purchase process!
—Michael H, RSM Distribution
Neo was good to deal with and his responsiveness was excellent. This quote was for some fairly complex machine parts and he had some trouble hitting the tolerances we required so ultimately we had to go with someone else, but we have had pretty good luck with him in the past on less complex parts.
—Steve C, Christini All Wheel Drive Motorcycles
Highly economical. Good quality
—Che-Wei W, CW&T
Received 1000 EOT bushings did not apprear to be the material we requested. Looked to be hand deburred (low quality) ID was under sized.
—Tim R, Ring Engineering, Inc.
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