Beijing World Super Hard Tools Co., Ltd.

Beijing, ?? (Beijing), 100018, China


Beijing World Super Hard Tools Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of products including glass cutting tool, super hard cutting tool and diamond die blank. We are a sister-company of Beijing Supower Science and Technology Developing Company Ltd., which is a new national, hi-tech enterprise. In order to achieve quicker and better development, we at World perform integrative recombination of our core business and assets. We now have numerous patents. What's more, we are the only manufacturer in China to provide many of the super hard cutting tools we produce, and they are not only popular here, but are among the top-ranked in the industry worldwide. In addition to the R&D of advanced production technologies and equipment, and the manufacturing of high quality super hard cutting tools, we are also involved in expanding our business into related industries around the world.

In the field of the glass cutting tool, we are one of only three high-penetration diamond scribing wheel producers in the world, and are the sole producer in China. With the production of our diamond scribing wheel, World has broken the monopoly of Japanese products in the high-end glass cutting industry. Due to the reliable performance and high precision of our World diamond scribing wheel, it is extensively used for precise cutting of high-end TFT-LCD, CSTN-LCD, STN-LCD panels and glass substrates, LCD panels, LCD touch screens, in addition to glass sheets for precision electronic instruments and automobiles. Our products are not only preferred by well-known Chinese LCD manufacturers, but they are now gaining popularity in Japan, South Korea, the US and other countries.

At World, we use unique design and sophisticated techniques to ensure the high precision and reliable quality of our super hard cutting tools, and are now leading in carbon processing cutting tools and other cutting tool industries. Today, our high precision cutting tool, PCD/PCBN roller cutting tool, PCD inserts specially used for cutting wind turbine blade and other products are increasingly used in many fields, such as new composite materials (like nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, tungsten carbide, plastic, fiber glass, etc.), tungsten carbide, fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), rollers, auto parts, stone engraving, and more. We also manufacture a diamond nozzle, diamond dressing logs, lapping and polishing machine, glass cutting machine, and other products, and are dedicated to offering customized, complete cutting solutions.

In manufacturing our diamond die blank, we creatively use precision grinding and polishing technologies. The application of cold press fit techniques instead of hot pressing prevents damage to PCD internal structure caused by high temperature. As for super hard materials processing, we provide high precision lapping and polishing, laser cutting, rework, in addition to OEM/ODM services. Hence our products are popular in Southeast Asia, Western countries, and others.

We have a modern factory covering 6,000 square meters, completely equipped with advanced manufacturing machines, including COBORN and FARMAN sharpening machine for PCD/PCBN tools; more than forty precision laser cutting machines; over one hundred large lapping and polishing machines; FANUC electric discharge machines (EDM) and machine tools.

Through the use of superior inspection equipment such as ultrasonic C-scanners imported from the US, universal tool microscopes, metallurgical microscopes and abrasion testers, as well as implementation of rigorous, complete and systemic quality checks, our highly experienced, professional technical staff ensures the superior performance of our products can meet customers' requirements. Strict application of quality management practices in conformity with international standards has earned us ISO9001:2008 certification.

At World, we focus on environmental protection in addition to the R&D of new technologies and products. Our next five-year plan is to continually increase our investments to build a comprehensive production base with an area of more than one hundred acres. It is our goal to become a global production and R&D base for super hard material tooling products and to continue to evolve as a large, modern, internationalized enterprise group.

Full of passion and with broad vision, the staff at World would like to establish business relationships with friends all over the world to promote the advancement of the super hard material industry.

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