BC Machine 

15491 Commercial Rd, Lakewood, Wisconsin, 54138, United States


BC Machine Inc, a small women owned business with ISO 9001:2015 certification. We have been serving the manufacturing community since August 1997 with our very competitive prices and quality machined parts. Here at BC Machine we operate within 20,000 square feet, all under one roof. As a manufacturer we do machining of precision machined part per customers drawings/blueprints. We machine parts out of round bar, plate and rectangle bar stock mostly related to oil, paper and defense industry. We have 15 CNC machines running.

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Manufacturing Capabilities


CNC Mill

Haas VM3

Having the right tools and equipment is critical for an efficient and safe operation. At Cesar-Scott, Inc., we know how essential high-performance tools and equipment are to maintaining workflow and safety.

daewoo puma 240L

daewood Puma 8

daewoo puma 240L

daewoo puma 8

Daewoo Puma 240B

Daewoo Lynx 220

daewood dmv 3016

Daewoo DMV 4020 4 axis Vertical Machining Center 12000 RPM

Daewoo DMV 4020d

Daewoo DMV 3016L

Doosan DNM 500

Doosan HP4000 II

Peerless Saw

Miller Welders

Painit Booth

paint booth

Inspection tools

Doosan HP5100 - 850 x 700 x 750 - 60 tools - Pallet 2

Mazak QT 350U MSY (2020)

Doosan Lynx 220LSY with Ideal 551 bar feeder

Doosan SMX3100

Doosan HP4000 II Horizontal with pallet changer

Doosan HP400II with 5 pallet changer

Doosan DNM 500 (3 of them)

HC400II Horizontal w/ 5 pallet changer, HP5100II Horizontal w/ pallet changer, HP4000II Horizontal w/ pallet changer

6 Vertical machining centers

SMX3100, 12 chuck/machining center over the top

Lynx 220LSY w/ 551 bar feeder/live tooling and sub spindle

Puma 240L, Puma 8, Puma 240B and Lynx 220

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United States


ISO 9001

Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)



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