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??????????(Associating d machinery technology co., LTD) 

??, ?? (Zhejiang), 325200, China


D technology machinery co., LTD. Is China packaging machinery association member units, specializing in box packing machine, sealing box into the box machine, development, production, sales and service enterprises. D main products: the association DWZ - 100 multi-function brake cartoning machine, DWZ - 100 automatic trapped Zagreb machine DZP - 100 pillow packaging machine, boxed DZP - 100 filling production line, the DWZ - 100 multi-function automatic cartoning machine, DWP - 100 plate type blister packaging machine, PZH - 90 automatic packing machine, plate DWZ - bottle automatic cartoning machine, 3 d packaging machine, hot melt adhesive sealing box machine, etc. My company's products are mainly used in: pharmaceutical cartoning machine, energy-saving light box packing machine, soap box packing machine, toothpaste boxes machine, machine, food boxes, cosmetics boxes machine, a wide range of USES, applicable to all kinds of packaging industry...

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??????????(Associating d machinery technology co., LTD) 

??, ?? (Zhejiang), 325200, China

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