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Arumdaun Gisul ( BIT ) 


Introduction The company directly handles a whole range of processes starting the manufacturing stage that includes the production of prototypes and models for new product designs and 3D modeling, to the mass production stage that includes making of molds and extrusion molding. That is why the company can respond quickly and reduce unnecessary waste of time and work smoothly incooperation. Ultimatly, the company pursues cost saving and quality improvement as the highst value. If you need to develop a product, if you need to produce the prototypes of a product to be developed and carry out production, we will hold ourslves reponsible from the start to the end. Not only with short but sufficient experiences in the areas of product design, mock-up and QDM, mold and injection, but also with know-how, we will stretch ourselves to become a partner with our customers. Our Assets The company operates five CNC carving machines and nine injection molding machines. Engineers whose period of experience ranges from 10 to 30 years in the same industry do their best to manufacture products and manage quality of the products.

Our Work

Manufacturing Capabilities


CNC - 10 units

die making

FA-A1380 (WHAWOO Made in Korea)

ISO 9001 : 2008

NE-130 (WOOJIN PLAIMM Made in Korea Quantity : 1)

NE-170 (WOOJIN PLAIMM Made in Korea Quantity : 2)

NE-280 (WOOJIN PLAIMM Made in Korea Quantity : 1)

NE-80 (WOOJIN PLAIMM Made in Korea Quantity : 1)


Robodrill a-D14LiA (FANUC Made in Japan : 1)

Robodrill a-T14iELe (FANUC Made in Japan Quantity : 3)

Robodrill a-T14iELe (Made in Japan quantity : 3)

Testing Laboratory


VC200/120 (ENGEL Made in Austria Quantity : 1)

VC200/50 (ENGEL Made in Austria Quantity : 1)

VC330 /120 (ENGEL Made in Ausria Quantity : 2)

Company Details

Company Type




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ISO 9001:2008




Arumdaun Gisul ( BIT ) 

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