Factory Address:, Shenzhen, 广东 (Guangdong), 518125, China


APLUS MOULD CO., LIMITED was established in 2005. And based in the "City Of Design"-Shenzhen China. We started with a small mould shop depending upon the mould design and building here. Due to our quality product outputs and professional responses. Therefore, We acquired lots of positive ratings from customers we were working with. 

With customers business increase with different manufacturing and purchasing requirements. We added both the injection moulding and mechanical assembly services successively. We right now grew to over 300 people a diversified manufacturing and production company.

Considering both the industrial upgrading and sustainable development in the future. We now aim to new product research, design and manufacturing on consumer electronics and artificial intelligence products.  We have been successfully developed and manufactured some innovative electronic products with customers in the past years. And we received very positive feedback from customers as well.  

As a professional manufacturer, It’s not only about producing awesome parts, but it is also about fully understanding what customer needs are. Therefore, We perform complete design for manufacture as well as design for a cost analysis for every job we take on. We deploy quality tools to ensure processes stay in control, including process control plans, FMEAs, and have a full array of precision measuring equipment. We care about customer’s satisfaction and our ratings can attest to that commitment.

Being situated in Shenzhen enables us to help you innovate with astonishing speed and agility, being at the heart of the worlds hardware and tech eco-system. Our experienced product development team can handle everything from soup to nuts, from prototyping to short-run production and everything in between. We are also capable of helping customers with PCB manufacturing as well as other highly niche manufacturing processes. 

For more information Please visit our website at WWW.APLUSMOULD.COM As well as you can email us at LeoKong@APlusMould.com

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Engineering and Design


Graphite, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Tool Steel, Elastomer, Bronze, Thermoplastic, Thermoset, Magnesium, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Inconel, Glass, Foam, Alloy Steel, Multiple, Other/Misc, Brass, Cobalt, Copper, Lead, Tin, Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, Beryllium Copper, Ceramic, Wood, ABS-Like, PC-Like, Nylon or Nylon-Like, Metal, Silicone, Other Metal, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Iron


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Having the right tools and equipment is critical for an efficient and safe operation. At Cesar-Scott, Inc., we know how essential high-performance tools and equipment are to maintaining workflow and safety.

Injection Molding Machines 50 - 320 Tons

(1) TorchMate 10'x15' HiDef Plasma CNC Profiler

injection production line

Casting production line

Swiss lathe machine



Product & Package Design

Product and Process Engineering and Development


PWB (Printed Wiring Board)


Optical bonding and Touch Panel

Thermoforming (heat bending) of plastics

Auto Ladle

injection molding

prototype and long run production

Mill and Lathe machining

3D print

spraying equipment

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Ratings & Reviews From Buyers

5.00 (11)
Leo and his team started firing great questions to us before other manufacturers even responded to our RFQ. Leo’s questions showed he already understood what we wanted to create. Aplus was extremely helpful in collaborating to resolving every problem we encountered along the way. I have great respect for people who do good work. Leo and the Aplus team are professionals that take pride in their work! I look forward to the next project. - Steve Bleile, President/CEO, Glowb Lights LLC
—Steve B, Glowb Lights LLC
Manufacturer Reponse
Thanks for your positive rating, Steve. We will always provide our best service as promised right here in the future.
Leo was a pleasure to work with and the machined parts were made quickly and to the specification needed! Very prompt responses and great communication in general through the whole order process.
—Scott B, Dynamic Fingerboards
Manufacturer Reponse
Thanks for rating us, Scott, We expect to get more business opportunities in the future.
Aplus has lived up to their company name. Prior to Aplus, I had a third party supplier in the US mainly because dealing direct with an overseas supplier was filled with too many challenges for a first-time, small business. To my delight, Aplus communicates super fast with almost no misunderstandings (they always respond to any and all inquires within hours) and their shipping is equally as efficient. Thus far, my customers have made favorable comments regarding the quality of the product Aplus has delivered. If any issues arise, it can be resolved and our collaboration is so far fruitful. I believe that they are looking forward to a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.
Manufacturer Reponse
Sure, Tai, Let's work close to develop and manufacturer more better products. And make people life easier.
Excellent work and good communication. Produced parts professionally and on schedule.
—Ramsey B, Wave Fountains
great company will continue to do business with them.
—Jerome F, JEF Enterprises
One of the Best companies in MFG. Thanks a lot
—Vladimir K, Lightzone Ltd.
In short : I could not have asked for a better company to produce our product and have become great friends with Leo. The Full Review : Background : We spent about a year and a half in house trying to develop our new robot. We had a product that worked but only as a proof of concept with off the shelf parts. We tried various avenues to get a good contract manufacturer to send the design to and have it made. A lot of people said they can make it even if it only kind of worked. That's when we turned to MFG to find a real contract manufacturer. Why : We spoke to 40+ factories outside of MFG and 8 within the platform. We awarded APLUS the RFQ because they were not afraid to tell us that our product would not work. All of the other manufacturer's would just say yes we can make this, without technical knowledge of if it will work or not. Not only did they know how to make everything but they even offered design services to improve upon the product which we agreed to. Leo and his team have a vast amount of technical knowledge. They put their engineers to work and turned our home made robot into a complete product in 6 weeks and continued to refine it as the concept developed into a real product. Everything from which motors to use, PCB design, 3D modeling and assembly methods. We had everything completely done at APLUS without any issues. If an issue arose, not only did Leo inform us of it but he also told us about the fix they were already implementing. In Person : I personally went to the factory in Shenzhen where I got to meet Leo and a few other managers. Leo and I have become very good friends through the course of this project and time spent together in China. The whole team has a great appreciation for industrial technology and manufacturing which shows in various areas like their Instagram feed or sample room. There's alot of passion for what they do and they really care about making something that both parties are proud of. Communication : The whole process before, during, and after has been phenomenal. Communication never was an issue. There was never an argument or excuses. If something needed to be addressed Leo would handle it. Even if I could not understand an issue properly he would take the time to ensure I did. Normally you would go to a third party middle man to have a line of communication with the factories. We did not need this and spoke directly to the factory with Leo allowing clesr communication quickly. Work APLUS provided: - 3D modeling - CNC prototypes - Full prototyping - Electrical engineering - PCB design - Troubleshooting - Part sourcing - Mold making - Design feedback - Assembly - Packaging At the end of the day, things went way better than expected and we are very excited to grow with Leo and the team at Aplus. It's great to be able to have such a great business partner and now friend. We definitely got more than we expected going into this. You can pretty much email Leo with an idea and make it happen all in house. It's really incredible. Thanks again for such a great experience making our first product. We're excited to continue making new products together. If you're considering APLUS you can contact me with any questions you have. Eric Fragola Owner of Labruutories LLC Eric@letsbruu.com
—Eric F, Labruutories LLC
Good products
—Joanthan B, Steven Douglas Corp
Leo has been very helpful and patient with us as we develop our channels of distribution for our product. We look forward to a continued business relationship with Aplus Mould Co Jeff Williams DoublePro paint tray.
—Jeff W, Jeff Dean Painting
We awarded APlus an RFQ for a complex injection-molded polypropylene component involving 4 living hinges along a thin part, as well as some manual assembly work. We needed the part quickly, and APlus gave us a remarkable 2-week lead time in exchange for a very reasonable $900 expedite fee. They stayed on schedule and delivered good parts. We requested some modifications to the tool after first samples were delivered, as well as a shift to a stiffer PP resin. APlus implemented these changes quickly and shipped us our next round of samples within about a week. I don't think Leo ever took longer than 20 hours to respond to one of my emails. We've been quite impressed with APlus's responsiveness, and their willingness and capacity to handle unusual requests, such as helping us locate a local Chinese distributor for a particular variety of Loctite surface primer. Overall, we're very satisfied with APlus's work, and we're happy to recommend them to others seeking injection molding services. For anyone interested in seeing their work, I've uploaded photos of our part at the link below. APlus is molding the black plastic wristband frame that "folds" around our wearable device in these photos. In addition to molding the plastic component, they are also assembling the watchband component onto the injection molded plastic component, and inserting the magnets used in our part's clasp mechanism: http://bit.do/perimeterBand
—Steven T, Pison Technology
Leo was great to work with. He made sure all of my needs were met, and I am a very picky customer. Thank you Leo and crew for all of your help!!! Regards, P.
—Patrick S, The Bacchas Co.
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