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Amco Products, Inc. 

4800 Hempstead Station Dr., Kettering, Ohio, 45429, United States


AMCO PRODUCTS, INC. 4800 HEMPSTEAD STATION DR P.O. BOX 292860 KETTERING, OHIO 45429 PHONE 937-433-7982 FAX 937-433-7965 Background and Summary of Capabilities AMCO PRODUCTS, INC. is an ISO9001:2000 registered company, and as such maintains compliance with licensing and regulatory entities. AMCO Products, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets high quality industrial products. Custom screw machine products and fastener drivers are sold to a variety of businesses and industries. Screw machine products are generally sold to local and regional markets and are manufactured to customer’s specifications. Fastener driver lines are marketed in the U.S. and abroad under the AMCO brand name. The company was founded in 1966. AMCO’s manufacturing facility is located in Kettering, Ohio. The highest quality raw materials and a complement of broadly accepted and well maintained machinery allows the AMCO team of employees to produce superior quality products that demand close tolerances. Typical materials, in various grades, include Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Shock & Chisel Steel, Brass, Aluminum and Nylon. Machinery capabilities are outlined on the attached list. In addition, AMCO has developed proprietary attachments for these pieces of equipment, significantly enhancing machining capabilities, production speeds and end product quality. AMCO’s quality program is administered by the Quality Manager. The company utilizes various state-of-the-art quality techniques, including Statistical Process Control (SPC). U.S. Government contracts are administered in accordance with Federal Standard 368. Inspection procedures are in accordance with ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-1993 (Mil-Std 105). AMCO maintains certified test equipment and gauging, traceable to NIST, for the inspection process. In addition to producing high quality products, AMCO also provides the finest in service and support. Our trained personnel are available to answer your questions regarding technical issues, product availability and other administrative matters. AMCO serves a large number of customers in diverse markets, including……. • Industrial Equipment • Automotive, Trucks/Trailers, Recreational Vehicles • Aircraft • Electronics and Computers • Appliances • U.S. Government • Welding Equipment PARTIAL EQUIPMENT LIST ACME-GRIDLEY Multiple Spindle Screw Machines (8 UNDER POWER) (2) RBNC8, 1 5/8” capacity, 8 spindles, spindle stopping, chucking compensation, threading and accelerated ream (3) RA6, 1 1/4” capacity, 6 spindles, threading and accelerated ream with pickup and back finishing (2) RA6, 1” capacity, 6 spindles, threading and accelerated ream with pickup and back finishing (1) RA6, 9/16” capacity, 6 spindles, threading and accelerated ream, pickup BROWN & SHARPE Automatic Screw Machines (26 UNDER POWER) (5) #3 ULTRAMATIC, 2 3/8” capacity, 6 & 8 hole turrets, 4 slides, 4 speeds, camac (8) #2 ULTRAMATIC, 1 5/8” capacity, 6 & 8 hole turrets, 4 slides, 4 speeds, camac (1) #2 ULTRAMATIC, 1 1/4” capacity, 6 & 8 hole turrets, 4 slides, 4 speeds, camac (5) #OG, 3/4” capacity, 6 hole turrets, 3 slides, 2 speeds (3) #OG, 3/4” capacity, 6 hole turrets, 3 slides, 2 speeds, 87 A.M.L. lipe feeds (4) #OO, 1/2” capacity, 6 hole turrets, 3 slides, 2 speeds AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE ATTACHMENTS (2) Longitudinal turning, up to 2 3/8” dia. X 4” length, 7 degree taper per side (2) Internal & external single point threading, up to 2 3/8” dia. X 2” length, 6 to 40 T.P.I. (3) Cross slide milling & drilling (2) Turret milling & drilling (6) Pickup and rear end slotting (2) Pickup and rear end drilling or burring (1) Spindle indexing arrangement (3) Brake in neutral arrangement (8) 2nd operation loading arrangement, up to 2 3/8” dia. X 6” length INSPECTION EQUIPMENT J&L optical comparator Nikon optical comparator SHEFFIELD profilometer MITUTOYO SPC gauging equipment SHEFFIELD shadow gauge Rockwell hardness testing equipment …..Various certified gauges and indicators traceable to NIST SECOND OPERATION EQUIPMENT (6) NICHOLS hand mills with index heads, automated for slotting and straddle milling (2) BRIDGEPORT vertical mill (1) DENNISON Hydraulic Press NA-50, 50 ton capacity (1) DENNISON Hydraulic Press FH-20, 20 ton capacity (1) DENNISON hydraulic press, series R, 6 ton capacity (1) SUNNEN HONE MBB-1650 with power stroking (1) DELTA drill press, 2 spindles, 1/2” capacity (6) Single spindle drill presses, 1/2” to 3/4” capacity (1) HARDINGE DSM 59 turret lathe (2) #1 BARDONS & OLIVER turret lathe (1) SNOW vertical drill or tap machine with index table (1) BOYER-SCHULTS hydraulic feed surface grinder (1) BURGMASTER vertical turret drill (6 stations) ….Plus a variety of additional miscellaneous secondary equipment MISCELLANEOUS SUPPORT EQUIPMENT Tool grinders and lathes plus various tool room equipment General Guidelines for Custom Screw Machine Products: Materials: • Alloy Steel • Carbon Steel • Stainless Steel • Shock & Chisel Steel • Brass • Aluminum • Nylon Turnaround: • Quotations – 1-3 weeks (target prices, provided may shorten quotation cycle) • Initial Orders - 8 to 16 weeks ARO • Blanket Orders - per agreement Other: • Quotes are provided directly to the end user. • Primary focus is on long term relationships rather than one time situations.

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