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Aluminum Shapes 

9000 River Road, Delair, New Jersey, 08110, United States


Located in Delair, New Jersey, Aluminum Shapes has been in the aluminum extrusion business since 1954. We started out with only one extrusion press and since have grown to 6 presses ranging from 2000 ton up to 6500 ton with capabilities to extrude 24 inch wide shapes. Aluminum Shapes also has their own fabrication department with many different capabilities for not only aluminum extrusion but also various kinds of materials. I did list our equipment in our company profile. Shapes also has their anodizing line for longer larger pieces of aluminum, we are however in the process of designing and building multiple fixtures so we can anodize smaller parts as well. The anodizing colors we offer is clear, black, bronze, and champaign. Aluminum Shapes is also ISO certified. We offer all of these services under one roof.

Our Work

Manufacturing Capabilities


Construction, Fabricated Metals


Graphite, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Tool Steel, Bronze, Thermoplastic, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Alloy Steel, Other/Misc, Brass, Copper, Titanium, Iron


20 - Press Brakes Up To 150 Ton

5 - Punch Presses Up To 90 Ton

5 - Oliver Non Ferrous Saws

3 - Double Miter Non Ferrous Saws

1 - Cnc Non Ferrous Saw 24 x 8 x 22'

1 - Haas TM-2 VMC 40 x 16 x 16

1 - Haas VF-4 VMC 50 x 20 x 25

1 - Haas EC-400 Horizontal Pallet Changer 20 x 20 x 20

2 - Haas VF-12 VMCS 150 x 30 x 30

1 - Kaast PBH-50 Profile and Pipe Bending Machine

3D printer

20 - Press Brakes up to 150 Ton

5 - Oliver Non Ferrous Saws

1 - CNC Non Ferrous Saw 24x8x22

1 - Haas VF-4 VMC 50x20x25

2 - Haas VF-12 VMCS 150x30x30

1 - Ultimaker Dual Extrusion 3D Printer

5 - Punch Presses up to 90 Ton

3 - Double Miter Non Ferrous Saws

1 - Haas TM-2 VMC 40x16x16

1 - Haas EC-400 Horizontal Pallet Changer 20x20x20

1 - Kaast PBH-50 Profile and Pipe Bending Machine

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—George S, Alloy Fabrication
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