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Welcome to Hemmingford Aerospace, Inc.


Through more than 40 years of experience, our company has become an expert in the manufacturing and assembly of complex parts for the aerospace industry. As a business founded on the respect and empowerment of our employees, we now benefit from a highly skilled and dynamic workforce to respond to our clients` needs. In 2009, through the perseverance of this team, we were the first company in Quebec to obtain the certification of “UTC Supplier Gold,” which is based on exceptional quality and consistent on-time delivery.


In August 2010, we increased our capacity by moving to a more spacious and modern facility. We have also made considerable investments into upgrading our equipment, with the goal of becoming a ""one stop shop"" that can respond to all of your potential needs.


Products and Services

We are one of the most efficient and competitive manufacturers in the aerospace market, and offer a wide range of products and services. From machining to cleanliness, including assembly, welding, grinding, painting, testing and inspection, all critical processes are internally managed to assure maximum control. This results in impeccable quality and some of the best lead times in the industry. 


Pneumatic Valves

We produce a wide range of pneumatic valves which have proven their reliability over the years. Certain valves are used to purge the excess pressure of turbine compressors, while others serve to control the entry and exit of air in these same motors. All of these valves are assembled, calibrated and tested with exemplary rigor.


Mechanical valves

Serving to control fuel pressure, of air or of oil, our different models of mechanical valves are highly valued by our clients. Each valve is assembled with great care and tested on precision test rigs at the cutting edge of technology.


Fuel System Components

Having produced more than 850,000 units of fuel adapters over the years, we have acquired unparalleled expertise in this domain. We manufacture, assemble and test a wide variety of components serving to supply fuel to turbines. In addition to the adapters, we manufacture a wide variety of levers serving to control the fuel supply.


High-Precision Machining

We have to respect the tightest tolerances in the industry on the majority of our parts, and so can state with confidence that our manufacturing processes are up to the challenge of your requirements. Having worked on more than a thousand different parts to date, our experience and expertise make us a trustworthy supplier you can rely on.



In 2010, we expanded our manufacturing capacity through the purchase of a state-of-the-art cylindrical grinding machine. With this new machine, we now have internal control over another key aspect of manufacturing. We can offer our clients the option of grinding operations performed by reliable personnel with short lead times at highly competitive prices.



We decided to invest in our own small paint shop a few years ago to respond to internal needs and eliminate quality problems with sub-contractors. At the same time, we reduced our lead times by about three weeks on parts requiring specialized painting. Since our move to a more spacious facility, we are now able to offer painting services to external customers for small and medium-sized parts. Try us once, and you will be convinced of the quality of our services.


Cleanliness and Oil Preservation (CPW-152 & PK2802)

With our climate-controlled clean room and reliable equipment, we are approved to perform and certify the cleanliness of parts according to Pratt & Whitney Canada’s CPW-152 standard. We are also approved to perform and certify the oil preservation of parts according to Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PK-2802 standard. We have more than ten clients who do business with us for these procedures and have established a reputation for excellence in this domain.



With more than 40 years of experience in the assembly of aerospace componants, Hemmingford Aerospace relies on highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art equipment to perform various different types of assemblies. From the adjustment of two parts under pressure to the assembly of 50 details in a complex mechanism, we have the tools necessary to respond to your assembly needs.

 We have two assembly rooms, totaling more than 1,000 square feet in size, to respond to your different needs. We have acquired all the necessary tools for most assemblies on the market, and can offer you quality assembly services with some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

Pressure Testing

We have invested considerable time, effort and money to create a testing environment that is well-furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. From simple air pressure testing, to the calibration of components for pneumatic valves or for fuel leakage tests under 2,000 pounds of pressure, our equipment can be adapted to a wide range of verification procedures to ensure that our parts meet your requirements.



We are equipped to perform several different types of identification on parts to best meet your needs.

1- Micro percussion (with the option of Data Matrix) on 2 numerically-controlled machines with 4 axes.

2- Electrolytic Etch Shallow

3- Identification by hand with a mechanical vibrating pen

4- Labels with bar codes



Like every manufacturing company specialized in machining, we need to deburr the parts we produce. What distinguishes us from other such companies are the different methods we use to meet our needs. From the deburring by electro-erosion of a junction between two holes with a .050 inch diameter to the deburring of a high volume of parts by numerical control, our equipment can respond to the most complex configurations.



We are approved for different types of welding, including plug welding and fusion welding, and are able to internally control these procedures, which reduces the costs associated with sub-contracting and results in shorter lead times.


Tooling and Fixturing

Since we work with a wide range of procedures, we have developed a large number and variety of fixtures over the years. If you seek machining, grinding, assembly, pressure testing or specialized painting, we will put our knowledge in these fields to work for you to best respond to your requirements. From conception to manufacturing, each stage is performed by our conscientious employees to respond to the application needed.


Test Rigs and Pressure Test

We have two 2 uniquely designed test rigs to respond to your different needs.


Test Rig No.1 uses calibration fluid as a substitute to kerosene. With this rig, we can recreate a multitude of environments to measure fuel loss and leakage control between 2 PSI and 2000 PSI. We can also inspect flow pattern tests on fuel injectors.


Test Rig No. 2 was developed to perform the necessary tests to approve fuel shut-off valves.


We also have an air pressure test rig which can perform tests up to 100 psi.



In 2010, we purchased a new Caterpillar brand generator. With a powerful 762 HP diesel motor, this unit can continuously produce 600 volts and up to 800 amps. It has a reserve of fuel which lasts for 72 hours, so that we can provide for all our electricity needs in case of a temporary power loss. Full production can resume in less than 7 seconds in case of a power outage, which allows us to continue working and deliver parts on time. Once the power failure is repaired, the transition back to the usual power supply is smooth, with no break in the current.



We have a TIG welding machine, Miller model ""Dynasty 200,"" to produce our parts. We also have a regular Mig welding machine, which can be used on aluminum, for equipment maintenance.

 Information Technology System and Production Management

It is clear that a comprehensive information management system is essential to the smooth functioning of all companies in the aerospace industry today. At Hemmingford Aerospace, we make it a priority to research and invest in new technologies in this field.


We use an Enterprise Resource Planning system which re-prioritizes our production schedule on a daily basis, taking into account all changes in our orders. Our new servers, acquired in 2011, ensure that we have the technical capacity to manage all the critical details needed to produce high quality parts on time. We achieve maximum efficiency using this system, because each available minute of work time is used to produce the right parts according to established priorities.


The reliability of this ERP system is one of our top priorities. All of our information is protected through the use of multiple back-ups on various hard drives, and in case of a power outage, electricity is immediately supplied to our information system by our main generator. Our servers, both physical and virtual, are thus always ready to contribute to our company’s productivity.

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