Advanced Carbon Engineered Solutions Ltd. 

233 Birchs Rd, Ontario, P1a4m1, Canada


Let's start with our name… ACES stands for Advanced Carbon Engineered Solutions. At ACES we developed proprietary processes for manufacturing carbon graphite material that exhibit significantly improved strength properties over presently available similar grades of carbon graphite. In addition, we will manufacture products to your specifications using our carbon graphite material. In the end ACES will have provided you with a superior performing carbon graphite product at a competitive price. This is where you can truly gain a competitive edge using ACES. We are welcoming companies looking for a teammate that can help them become more competitive in the world market with our carbon graphite solutions. We want to be that team mate! Everything from mining industry applications to smelting to molten metal applications to electrodes for the energy storage industry....we are there. Our primary goal is to help companies improve their business with better performing products. We talk to our customers on a regular basis and provide any assistance we can to help you become better in your industry. Many people call it "customer service"....we call it being a team mate!

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Engineering and Design


Graphite, Tool Steel, Elastomer, Thermoplastic, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Multiple, Titanium


HAAS UMC 1000 5-Axis X Axis : 40.0 Y Axis : 25.0 Z Axis : 25.0 B Axis : Travel 120° to -35° C Axis : Travel 360° Spindle Nose to Platter (~ max) 29.0 Spindle Nose to Platter (~ min) 4.0 SPINDLE Max Rating 30.0 hp Max Speed 12000 rpm Max Torque 90.0 ft-lbf @ 2000 rpm Taper CT40 Air turbine spindles up to 65,000 rpm PLATTER Platter Diameter : 25 Max Weight on Platter : 1000 lb FEEDRATES Max Cutting 650 ipm Rapids on X 1200 ipm Rapids on Y 1200 ipm Rapids on Z 1200 ipm TOOL CHANGER Capacity : 30+1 Max Tool Diameter (full) : 2.5 Max Tool Diameter (adjacent empty) : 5 Max Tool Length (from gage line) : 12 Max Tool Weight : 12 lb


SMTCL HTC 2050i Chuck : 10 2600 RPM Max. Swing: 17.7 Turning Diameter: Max: 7.875 Turning Length: Max: 19.6 Bar Capacity : 2.6 8 Station turret

SMTCL VMC 700B 3-Axis X Axis : 27.5 Y Axis : 17.3 Z Axis : 20.8 Table length : 31.5 Table width : 16.5 Max. part weight 1320 LBS Number of tools : 24 Spindle taper : CT40 Max. spindle speed : 10000 rpm

DOOSAN PUMA 300 Chuck : 12 2200 RPM Max. Swing: 23.2 Turning Diameter: Max: 14 Turning Length: Max: 23 Bar Capacity : 4 12 Station turret Bar feeder

Conventional Machining

fabrication & manufacturing

Large oven and dipping tank for custom graphite treating

DOOSAN LYNX 2600SY Chucks : Main spindle: 10 3500 RPM : Sub spindle: 8 4500 RPM Turning Diameter: Max: 15 Turning Length: Max: 24 Bar Capacity : 3.2 12 Station turret Live Tooling @5000 RPM

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Advanced Carbon Engineered Solutions Ltd. 

233 Birchs Rd, Ontario, P1a4m1, Canada

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