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235 Harrison St, Syracuse, New York, 13202, United States


Located in Syracuse, New York, 3D Usher is an on-demand manufacturing company that provides a wide range of manufacturing services to various companies around the world. We have engineers and account managers located in the USA & India that can help with your manufacturing projects. We ensure that your product is manufactured within the best possible time frame and its quality is well-examined before it is delivered to you. We help with manufacturing of plastic & metal parts across the product cycle - mass/batch/prototype manufacturing & design. Our services include: Injection Molding, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, 3D Printing & 3D Design.

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FDM technology works

Vacuum casting

SLA technology

Fiber reinforced plastic

3d printers

CNC Machining Canter BFW Make BMV 60 with 4th axis, CNC Machining Canter BFW Make BMV 45 with 4 axis, CNC Machining Canter BFW Make BMV 45

CNC Milling Machine, CNC Vertical Lathe, CNC Lathe Victor Make, CNC Lathe ACE Make, Heavy Duty Lathe

Lathe Size five and half feet Make Samrat, Lathe Size five and half feet Make Anil

440T Injection Molding machine Sandretto Make

200T, 170T, 150T, 130T, 110T, 100T, 80T, 50T, 30T Injection Molding machines

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Ratings & Reviews From Buyers

4.86 (7)
—Nelson M, NM Company
Although the supplier failed to make the parts I still rated them a 4 for their effort.
—Robert V, VTDINC
I had a bulk requirement of frames and their price was best in the market and the same goes for the quality of the delivered products.
—olivia s, the pirates
I got a few different parts 3D printed and they did a commendable job at a pretty reasonable price.
—Alex J, Lotus
I got highly critical electrical components Injection molded in POM recently, pricing was good and delivery was on time. Good overall experience.
—Michael J, Hornet
Job done extremely well and on time. Will definitely use again.
—Robert L, New England Corp.
They were the closest to the target price I asked for. Thea was very helpful in getting the Injection Molding parts for the 3D Printing machines we make in less than 4 weeks, which was great. Would definitely recommend them.
—Faizan M, Global 3D Labs
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