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Little Chute, Wisconsin


ATCAM LLCis one of the few select companies in the midwest to offer a complete line of thermal spray coating capabilities. While many companies find the wear resistance advantages of thermal coatings like stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, tungsten carbide, and ceramic coatings beneficial for protecting their products against abrasion, corrosion, or erosion, the ability to also rebuild parts in less time and at less cost than ordering OEM parts has been proven even more valuable to many of our customers. This is particularly true in cases where replacement parts for older machinery no longer exsists. Thermal sprayed coatings can be used to repair bearing diameters, seal surfaces, roll restorations( including surface reconditioning ), FDA approved coatings for food process equipment as well as a wide variety of general repairs. This unique process typically will not change or alter the molecular structure of the base metal that is applied to, unlike standard welding practices which produce excessive heat.ATCAM LLCMachining Services. In our modern 35,000 Square foot facility we offer a wide variety of custom machining and repair/ assembly and fab services.ATCAM LLCis equipped for both long or short order production requirements such as milling, turning, boring, grinding, fabrication, and assembly applications. Shop tooling includes large lathe capacity of 50" x 600" Niles engine lathe, ( 2 ) 48" x 240" niles engine lathes, 5" diameter spindle x 108x 72x 72 Lucas boring bar, Hurco TM 10 CNC lathe, Webb CNC milling machine,( 2 )Webb milling machines, (1 )Bridgeport milling machine,( 5 )medium to small engine lathes equipped with DRO's , 10ton, and 20ton overhead lifting capacity cranes, GMC 11,000 pound x 18' flatbed truck for pick-up and delivery of local run parts, and a wide variety of other machinery and tools to complete almost any task required. Please feel free to view our website @ for full descriptions of all capacities and capabilities, and Thank-you for taking the time to learn more about what Atcam, Inc. can offer you. Sincerely, Peter Andres President ATCAM LLC

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