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Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


Medicoil is located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Springs & Wire Forming.

Plasti-Coil, Inc.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Plasti-Coil, is a plastics component manufacturer, worldwide, providing precision plastic bobbins, parts and assemblies for over thirty years. Plasti-Coil has partnered with key members of the appliance, medical device, automotive, and telecommunication industries. We seek new international partners who can benefit from our vast experiences. Whether you need material recommendations, conceptual assistance,tooling, production, testing, or other services, Plasti-Coil has the solutions to satisfy all your injection molding needs as a single source provider. Plasti-Coil operates manufacturing facilities in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and Foshun Shunde China with capabilities that can service any part of the globe. Give us a call on your next project and let us help in your next success!

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