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Contact Metals Inc

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Hartford, Wisconsin


Contact Metals is located in Hartford, WI and have been in business since 1968. With a long reputation in the electrical and automotive industries, we primarily offer fine bending and fabrication of large or small prototypes and short run production. CM can work with all types of steel, aluminum and most exotics with an extensive array of equipment to provide our customers with quality made products. We also have capacity for sheet metal bending, punching, and extrude/embossing work as well as sub assemblies, spot welding, jigs and checking fixtures. Our facility is a 10,000 square foot facility including overhead and semi dock doors, office space, and engineering area including the use of CadKey and Solidworks for prototypes. In addition, we offer welding and some assembly as value added services. We generally use +/- .005" on all dimension tolerances unless otherwise specified by our customers and provide inspection reports upon request. The value of using Contact Metals is that we stand behind our work and will do whatever possible to support our customers in times where problems occur. We have helped customers correct engineering problems with parts such as functionality or just simply making the part fit properly. We have a close relationship with each of our customers, and the main core of our business consists of customers of 10 years or more. In short, we work with customers as much as possible to meet all delivery dates. We pride ourselves on continually providing quality products and should a customer reject parts, we will work with the customer to identify the problem, how the problem occurred and either rework or produce new parts as quickly as possible. From bending and fabricating of small to large prototypes or short run production orders, Contact Metals is truly your main contact! Our email address has changed since we had our brochure done. It is now


Hartford, Wisconsin

Helgesen is located in Hartford, Wisconsin, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Sheet Metal, Engineering & Design Services, Fabrication.

Helgesen Industries

Hartford, Wisconsin

Helgesen Industries is located in Hartford, Wisconsin, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Sheet Metal, Fabrication, Wire Harness, Electro-Mechanical Assembly.

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