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Turbine Blade Polishing Inc.

Cudahy, Wisconsin


World Class In Machining and Polishing!

American Welding & Engineering, LLC

Cudahy, WI, Wisconsin


American Welding & Engineering, LLC is located in Cudahy, WI, Wisconsin, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Sheet Metal, Fabrication, Machining.

C R Industries, Inc.

Cudahy, Wisconsin

C R Industries Inc.was founded in 1985.We are a family run businessthat started with two employees and three machines. Through the years, we added a second building, to roughly 44,000 square feet total, and grown to over 50 employees. We have become acomplete, full service metal fabricating companywithpowder coating capabilitiesand UL approved assembly. You will save time and handling of materials with our line ofshipping and packaging products. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service with flexible lead times. Whether you need prototypes made or have a large volume job, we are the company you are looking for. Weofferengineering servicesand take your design from the planning stage, to prototype, to production, to painting, assemble, pack out and deliver. We can work on a one run basis, to blanket orders, or Kanban releases. Leading Edge Technology to lower your costs If your company is looking to lower its costs, improve quality or obtain better just in time delivery,contact us for a quotationor a visit. Wewill be able to save you time and money. Company Profile C R Industries, Inc.offers metal fabrication services to companies in Southeast Wisconsin and nationwide. We excel in manufacturingmetal fabricationcomponent parts, production runs and complete systems.Our commitment to qualityand craftsmanship will ensure we deliver a product with the greatest accuracy, cost savings and the shortest lead times. We will do whatever it takes to ensure our mission of keeping our customers satisfaction first. C R Industries, Inc.hasmany years of combined experiencein metal fabrication. We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a leading source within a growing network of satisfied customers.

Astro Tool & Die Co Inc

Cudahy, Wisconsin

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Since 1965, customer service has been the cornerstone of our business.  Astro Tool & Die prides itself on exceeding customer expectations.  Whether we are a customer’s one stop shop for die design, building and repair, metal stamping and finishing, prototyping, reverse engineering or custom packaging, Astro Tool & Die constantly adjusts to be everything our customers need.


Astro Tool & Die knows you don’t take your customer’s needs for granted, and neither do we.  Some people still believe “just in time” is an option for the future, but you know that it’s a necessity, especially in the increasingly competitive world market and so do we.  To keep pace with your surges in demand, Astro Tool & Die will monitor in-house product supply via computer on a daily basis.  We’ll continually coordinate all subcontract and secondary operations to ensure delivery.  Just in time.


In today’s one chance, competitive business environment, you can’t afford to stand still; so neither do we.  Astro Tool & Die changes constantly, because what is sufficient on Tuesday may not cut it on Thursday.  We continually look for and learn new innovative and increasingly more efficient methods of manufacturing, to reduce your costs and keep pace with the latest technologies.


Astro Tool & Die prides itself on our quality of work and on exceeding our customer’s expectations.  We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company because at Astro Tool & Die, we understand that the latest standards of quality are just as important as having the latest methods of manufacturing.  When we stay on top of the latest technology and quality standards, it makes your job that much easier.  Be sure to let Astro Tool & Die give you a quote today and let us show you what we can do for you!

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