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MetalTech Inc.

Sumner, Washington


MetalTech is dedicated to manufacturing excellence. It is our utmost goal to provide the highest standard service and advice to commercial, industrial and individual customers. Our knowledge base expands to virtually all aspects of machining, fabrication and engineering and geared towards supplying all types of customers. MetalTech exists because of support of our loyal customers. We will constantly strive to deliver better customer service, and to expand our operations so that more people can enjoy the benefits of reliable custom fabrication. At MetalTech in order to meet the demands of our customers, we must offer a verity of services that are custom to suit the needs of each company we work with. With our inventory tracking software and Material Resource Planning System, you can be assured your product is in good hands. Our Services Range From: * Turn Key Product * Short Run Manufacturing * JIT Production (Just in Time) * Engineering * Custom Fabrication * Build to Print * 1st Article (R & D) * CAD Design

HCW Associates

SUMNER, Washington


HCW & Associates is an established Manufacturers Representative Agency that represent a small group of manufacturers located in both the United States and Canada. We represent world class capability in the area of custom machining (including high volume), assembly, gear and gearbox assembly, stampings, fabrication (CNC punching forming & high speed laser) custom labels, sand castings, permanent mold castings, investment castings and die-castings . Markets Due to recent rapid technological innovation of Information Technology etc. we concentrate our efforts on both research/development and production applications. We believe it is essential that actual demands and needs from our customers be met with world class companies that have the experience and machinery to do the job. Our focus is in the high tech markets and we can offer years of experience dealing in the aerospace, semi-conductor, electronics, medical, agricultural and telecommunications arenas. Applications The companies we represent participate on a range of applications. From machined components on structural aircraft to overlays on hand held measuring equipment, our agency attempts to find the best fit for our principles in a range of markets. Some of the products and technologies our agency has participated in would include the following: Machined Pentium 2 thermal plates Custom labels for embedded storage switching systems Machined components for next generation accelerometers Machined components for after market heavy truck Aluminum Sand Castings for Structural application on commercial aircraft Aluminum Die-Castings for bar code reading equipment Machined applications for wafer testing equipment Zinc die-castings for the connectivity industry Aluminum Permanent Mold castings for Structural application on commercial aircraft Custom machine parts for the Eddy Current testers Aluminum die-castings for distribution amplifiers Custom machined housings for passenger airbags Custom stampings for the printer industry Aluminum, steel & titanium machine parts for commercial aircraft The company's goals are: To assist clients with experienced and reliable resources. To ensure a dependable, long-lasting and productive relationship between clients and the manufactures we represent. To provide quality, efficient and reliable representation of the clients needs to the manufactures we represent. It is our way of business that created the clients and manufactures that we currently serve today and therefore supports the connecting factor between the two... "Satisfaction"

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