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TechPoint Manufacturing

Marysville, Washington


TechPoint Manufacturing is located in Marysville, Washington, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining.

A global technology leader, the Parker Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division brings nearly two centuries of combined experience. Our division is the result of the Parker piston pump business’s acquisition of Denison Hydraulics and merger with the Parker Oildyne Division and the Parker Electromechanical Drives Division’s (EMD) electric motors and gearboxes.

Since before WWII, Denison products have been excelling in military test stand and shipboard hydraulic applications. This acquisition allowed us to enhance and expand the design, manufacturing and application of open- and closed-circuit piston products into new markets. With the addition of Oildyne, we have extended our offering to include the quality compact hydraulic products and systems the division has been pioneering since 1955. Like the miniature piston pumps Oildyne manufactures, it’s been a smart fit.

With the Summer 2021 addition of electric motors and gearboxes from Parker’s EMD, HPS is focused on the future of both electric and hydraulics solutions. By combining electric motors and hydraulic pumps, highly integrated and versatile electro-hydraulic functions can be created for a wide variety of applications including trucks, buses, and construction equipment vehicles. 

Thomas Machine & Foundry

Marysville, Washington


Let Us Help You Our commitment is to you and your business success. We are dedicated to assisting you in meeting time-to-market constraints and short, medium or long-term product requirements. For more than 35 years, we have been delivering quality cast and machined components that meet our customer's most rigorous demands. We also make schedule holders for transporation areas. Please see our section on this below! Practical Problem Solving As one of the largest suppliers of aluminum castings in the Pacific North West, Thomas Machine and Foundry offers high quality parts at reasonable prices. With a professional staff, we have the skill, knowledge, and experience needed to provide a superior product with superior service. Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Thomas Machine and Foundry is continuously dedicated to offering quality parts in a swift and timely manner. With a talented and innovative engineering team, our company can provide you with the results you need in the timetable you require. Short Cycle Replenishment Systems As a company who understands the customers need to keep costs down, we offer the ability to supply frequent as-needed deliveries in standard size (Kan-Ban) containers. This helps to limit inventory storage space and lowers your costs. Our drivers can provide new deliveries of your orders within five days or less. Commitment to Quality We take pride in our work. Thomas Machine and Foundry guarantees that, every product meets or exceeds the customer's specifications. From engineering design to casting and machining our promise is to provide a superior product each and every time. FABRICATION SOLUTIONS Many companies suffer "Prototype Hangover". Developmental designs carry over into follow-on production processes. Specialized skills and resources are generally needed to produce to ongoing demand, and are often in scarce supply. The processes required are often inconsistent with the core competencies of existing manufacturing operations. Parts count can be reduced by two-thirds, while consistency and repeatability are significantly improved. Let us enlighten you with some options to eliminate "Prototype Hangover". PUBLIC WORKS SOLUTIONS We work with a number of customers and municipalities that need lighting, signage and flood management components. We offer tamper-proof and weather resistant sign and schedule holders for your Public Transportation needs. Our Shear Gates are considered the best flood control components in the marketplace. Ornamental light fixtures for parks and community facilities are a main-stay for our business. Let us assist you in accessorizing your next project. Transit Products Over the past 30 years, ATP has been providing high quality schedule and advertisement holders. These holders are made of strong corrosion resistant aluminum, and sealed with a shatter proof, tamper resistant acrylic cover. Our most recent design offers high leak resistance, while providing unmatched drainage. These features combine to guarantee that your documents stay clean and dry. Easy Assembly and Maintenance Each holder is securely affixed with only two flat head screws, making installation straightforward and uncomplicated. The advertisement or schedule sits inside of the unit atop a raised edge which keeps moisture away from your important documents. Finally, a strong form fit acrylic cover snaps into preformed locking channels. This design ensures that your information stays protected and safe. When the time comes to change or update your information, a worker simply uses pre-provided removal tool that suctions to the front of the acrylic cover. The worker then pulls backward firmly and dislodges the cover. The Features You Need One-way drainage and ventilation holes, keeps your documents clean and dry Tamper resistant design Accommodation for three paper widths (2 ½", 5 ½", and 8 ½") Standard lengths of 21", 17", 14" or 11" Quality powder coating with a wide selection of stock colors ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS Special applications require special castings. If your application requires a set of highly technical aspects such as complex internal features, stringent safety requirements, or superior corrosion resistance, we'd like to hear about your challenges. We are happy to assist you even if we're not the right choice for your particular application. We'll offer you a referral if we are unable to solve your challenge ourselves. COMPONENT/ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS As with Fabrications, Sub-assemblies can become complex and cumbersome in your manufacturing operations. Extensive Bills of Materials can be dramatically simplified by combining similar parts into single castings. The assembly process itself can be facilitated through mistake-proof design. Again reduced labor and inventory management is the significant benefit. If you want, we can even offer complete turn-key solutions. Call us to discuss your options. Machine Shop1 - Fadal 4020 4-Axis Vertical CNC Machine1 - Fadal 5020 4-Axis Vertical CNC Machine1 - Fadal 3016 4-Axis Vertical CNC Machine w/ Indexer1 - Makino A55 4- Axis Horizontal 400mm CNC Machine1 - 13" Lathe2 - 6 Head Drill Press2 - 4 Head Drill Press2 - 2 Head Drill Press5 - Single Station Drill Press1 - Langan FTV-1S Digital Mill2 - Bridgeport Quick Change Tools1 - Grizzly Band Saw (1" X 12')1 - Jet Band Saw (1" X 10')1 - Gemini Rotofinish Tumbler1 - Parts Washer Sand Molding Department1 - 3161 Molding Machine (24" X 28" X 8" Cope 8" Drag)7 - Snap Molding Machine2 - Cope Drag Capabilities1 - Hartley 10-15 Ton/Hour Continuous Green Sand Muller- With Automatic Sand Delivery, Return, and Additive Controls1 - Kloster Continuous No-Bake Machine (600 lb/min)1 - Roller/ Conveyor Coldset Molding Cooling Line (150 ft)1 - One Ton Mold Handler Core Department1 -Kloster Continuous No-Bake Machine (600 lb/min)1 - CO2 Core Room1 - 400 Dependable Shell Core Machine (PC Controlled)1 - 100 Dependable Shell Core Machine (Manual Controlled) Permanent Mold Department1 -Stahl Tilt Pour (18" X 24") Melting Department6 - Gas Fired Furnaces (600 lb/hour)2 - Gas Electric Furnaces (900 lb/hour)1 - Electric Furnace (1200 lb/hour) Clean-Up Department1 - Roto-Blaster1 - Glass Bead Blaster1 - Sand Blaster2 - Industrial Saws Band Saw (2" X 20')1 - Industrial Saws Band Saw (2" X 13')2 - Double Head Belt Sander (6" X 132")1 - Double Head Belt Sander (4" X 132")1 - Wilton Belt Sander (2" X 72") Quality Control1 - Cordax 1808 CMM Manager1 - Brown Sharpe Tesa Bumper Gauge

Landoll Corporation

Marysville, Kansas

Landoll Corporation is located in Marysville, Kansas, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Sheet Metal, Fabrication, Wire Harness, Electro-Mechanical Assembly.

Gage Craft Gear, INC.

MARYSVILLE, Washington

Gage Craft Gear, INC. is located in MARYSVILLE, Washington, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Gears.

BTM Corporation

Marysville, Michigan


BTM Corporation is located in Marysville, Michigan, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Sheet Metal, Machining, Fabrication.


Marysville, Ohio

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


     EMEC is Engineered Manufacturing and Equipment Company. Our specialty is deep drawing of aluminum and other metals.

     Our production specializes in deep drawn, cylindrically  shaped products such as tubes, cans and cups. We can make these types of products in a wide range of sizes up to 7 inches diameter and 50 inches long or more. A single part can have multiple wall thicknesses, diameters and tapers. Many of our parts have been used by the military for decoy flares, sonobuoys and missiles. They have also been used for water filters, personal water bottles and candle molds. Most of our production focuses on aluminum, but we can also work with cold rolled steels and stainless steels.

     All of our equipment (hydraulic presses, pierce dies, ect) and tooling is produced in house. We believe this is one of the reasons why we can hold much tighter tolerences than any of our competitors.

     Our tool room is very well equiped also. We have milling machines with up to 65 inch travel and a 6000 pound capacity. Our lathes can go up to 22 inches of swing and 75 inches between centers. Our tool room personel is experienced in metal forming dies as well as general machining. 

      EMEC began operation in January 1995. The key people at EMEC, however, have all worked together in this same field for 25 years or more. Some employees have 30 years or more experience in the Tool and Die, Deep Draw and Hydraulics businesses as well as machine control, automation and plc programming. At EMEC, we strive to provide the best products, equipment and support in the industry. We are always there for you long after the sale.


Contact us
      Whether you need equipment, power units and controls or deep drawn products, give us a call to see what we can do for you. If we can't help you, maybe we know someone who can. That is what service is all about.


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