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Daley Metalworks

Floyd, Virginia


Daley Metalworks, LLC is more than just a full service machine shop. Our range of equipment, staff of highly trained Machinists and full access to a team of Design Engineers, allows us to take simple machining tasks off of your plate as well as offering solutions to your most complex problems. In addition, we are able to offer 3d Solidworks modeling, waterjet, Time Saver finishing and paint and powder coating services. Our machine shop is equipped with: A Haas VF-3, (2) Trak 3 axis CNC Mills, Sharp Heavy Duty Precision Lathe , Trak Lathe and Ecoca Lathe. NC code is generated with up to date CAM/CAD Software and can utilize a variety of 2d and 3d file types when available. The waterjet bed is capability of handling any material (other than tempered glass) up to 48"x 96" and 6" thick. At Daley Metalworks, we understand the importance of tolerances and lead times and how they directly affect your operation. Our goal is to ensure accuracy to specifications and timely delivery, so that your company can continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

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