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ASHLAND, Massachusetts


Middlesex Screw Co.Inc. has over thirty years of layout and design experience on Davenport Automatics. ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED. This knowledge allows us to design and run jobs more efficiently, which results in faster cycle times and value pricing for our customers. Our quality, service, and attention to detail has rewarded us with zero customer returns in over three years. We are proud of this accomplishment and will make every effort to see that it continues, for our old and hopefully, new customers. ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED # 3399/02.Quality Assurance We work in brass, aluminum, cold roll steel, alloy steel and stainless. REFERENCES PER YOUR REQUEST. Small dia. deep hole drilling in brass starting at .010 dia. Middlesex Screw Company, Inc., was founded in 1974, and over the years has manufactured parts for a wide variety of industries, from automotive to medical. The company was built upon the philosophy that we must continually provide a commitment to quality in the manufacturing of products while offering our customers competitive prices. We have a complete inspection department that will meet your requirements. We are fully capable of handling your SPC needs. Our equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure quality, and we always monitor the close tolerances set by our customers while maintaining an acceptable Cpk. Our internal procedure manual is updated regularly to ensure we do the best job in providing our customers with the highest quality parts possible without jeopardizing safety. Our Quality Manual is available to our customers upon request. Our standards meet and often exceed the standards set forth by our customers. Quality production is the goal of the company, and customer satisfaction always comes first. Certification all raw materials is traceable and certification is always available upon request. Experience we have over forty-five years of experience in the screw machine industry. We are capable of running many parts that are usually run on Swiss machines. We work with aluminum, brass and many steel alloys. Equipment we have 16 oversized Davenport Screw Machines, 2 Brown Sharpe Lathes, and 1 Brown Sharpe Surface grinder.
Multi-Axis Machining is located in Ashland, Ohio. Please contact us for all your machining needs.

TBA Machine

Ashland, Virginia

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Our background is one evolved from metal working in the race car industry. There, we designed and manufactured race car chassis, chassis components and complete handmade sheet metal bodies. Our background in chassis engineering and fabrication of NASCAR and NHRA race cars has complimented our flawless and user-friendly designs of auto performance products. With over 20 years experience of fabrication and welding of tubular and sheet metal products from aluminum to titanium we offer many services to the metal working industry as well as the firearms community.

Ofi Metal Fabrication

Ashland, Virginia


Ofi Metal Fabrication is located in Ashland, Virginia, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Fabrication.

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