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La Verkin, Utah

Our company is a Swiss turning and 3-5 axis Mill shop

We have for our Milling:

1 Haas 5 axis VF-2ss

1 Haas DM-2

For our Swiss we have 19 Swiss lathes:

7 Deco-10a

12 Star Swiss lathes ranging from 12mm max bar to 32mm max bar


We make parts from .012 Dia to 1.250 Dia

And we mill parts from 16”x36”x 10” to .01”x.01”x.01”


We use standard inspection methods like Keyence Optical CMMs, manual inspection equipment, surface plates, height stands to insure in process inspections are correct and held so our CPK is as low as possible

And we have invested in our 5 axis CMM our auto Force Gages and a custom record software for our shop that records all First Articles, CTQ checks, Final inspections, and info related to jobs.

So that we hold our Standards above our registrations and Certifications of AS9100 Rev D , ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and ITAR.

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