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SA Composites

Watauga, Texas


Quick-turnprototypes and small runsare our specialty. We also provide engineering services and several manufacturing operations. Metal Operations: Welding, CNC milling, Waterjet Cutting, and Mechanical Assembly Composite Operations: Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber Layup, Composite Mold Making for Handlayup or thermoforming, CNC Cut Mold Patterns. We can design and build the composite molds needed for production layup or thermoforming. Wood Operations: CNC Cut Wood Sheets, Furniture, Cabinets, Cam and Pin holes, Dowel Holes,Wood Sanding and Staining, ClearLacquer Spray Coating. Can build furniture fully assembledor for knock down shipping. CNC Router with a48" x 120" bed. PrototypeOperations: Stratasys 3D printercapable of printing up to 15"L x 10"W x15"H. Materials available ABS ASA in either white or black. Plastic Operations: CNC mill of aluminum molds for injection molding. Can cast Urethane Plastics, Silicone, Foam Rubber. We use casting in place of injection molding for small runs, to keep prototype cost down. CAD Applications: Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor

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