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Hagbros Precision LLC

Round Rock, Texas


Star Mold specializes in close tolerance grinding, milling, EDM and wire EDM in all types of steel to manufacture different dies, fixtures, tooling, spacers, gages, and inserts. We also run production of wafers, gripper fingers, jel wedges, folding wedges, and milled plates to name a few. If you need close tolerance work to be performed we would love the opportunity to quote your projects. Star Mold also furnishes mold design, manufacturing for plastics fabrication and injection molds . We take pride in our work with quality tools and molds that run on first sample! Being a job shop we have done a great variety of work, from cow tag molds to very complex close tolerance fiber optic connector molds. We have the knowledge and experience to do your next project. If you would like to talk to references on quality and on time delivery just ask. Our software packages for design and manufacturing are done in Cad Key or UG . Types of electronic data accepted include DWG, DXF, Step, Iges and Parasolid. Equipment List: Bostomatic 315 CNC mill with 15 pos. tool changer Charmilles 2020 wire machine 2 - Charmilles Roboform 20 E.D.M. with tool changer Vulcan Ultra Mill with DynaPath Control 3 - Bridgeport Mills with D.R.O. Roll-in band saw 4 - Mitsui grinders with Opti-dress .00002 read outs Brown Sharp 12x24 micro-grinder LeBlond 15" regal lathe Hardige precision lathe with read outs Erowa Swiss inter-grated tooling system 4.000 lb capacity fork lift Dedtru grinding attachment Deckel tool grinder 2 - Schmidt Sine chuck 2 - Harig grind all Harig Unidex 2 - Torit dust collector Heat treat oven Tig Welder ; Mig Welder ; Torch Set 10 - Erowa rapid air chucks Mecatool tooling system for wire machine Radial drill press Bench Grinder ; Chop Saw ; Belt Sander Bead blaster Plus lots of other small tooling Inspecition Equipment: JL Comparator 10x,20x,50x,100x, magnification JL Comparator 250x magnification McBain Z-Scope 30x,75x,150x with video system color video Printer 4 - Digital drop gauge .00005 Gauge pin .003 to .281 in .0001 increments Gauge pin .250 to 1.00 in .001 increments 2 - Swift stereo scope 10x,20x Mitutoyo height master Erowa z-mounted 50x scope Granite angle plate 3 - Gauge block sets 0-12 Mitutoyo micrometers Cylinder mag .00005 7 - Surface plates Rockwell hardness tester 6 - Precision vise 4 - Precision angle plates Angle blocks 6 - Tommy blocks Miscellaneous hand tools and instruments

MI Inc

Round Rock, Texas


MI, Incorporated is a manufacturing and assembly facility located in Round Rock, Texas. As a machine shop with an international customer base, MI, Inc. can produce quick-turn prototypes or production quantities with the same level of precision and commitment to quality, and timely delivery. Our highly skilled and experienced team has established a reputation in milling, turning, swiss-turn and grinding quality parts for a variety of industries, from oil/gas to aerospace. We work in a variety of materials such as aluminum, brass, carbon and stainless steels, plastics, and various alloys and exotics. We strive for perfection not just in quality, but in timely delivery; making us the best value as a partner in Texas.

Reliable Manufacturing

5.00 (1)

Round Rock, Texas


RELIABLE MANUFACTURING INC. is your complete source for CNC Machining. We specialize in complex custom manufacturing, mechanical assembly and prototyping. We operate a large, well-equipped facility housing CNC vertical mills as well as engine, turret, and CNC lathes. We are able to achieve high accuracy and repeatable consistency, first part to last, one order to the next. At Reliable Manufacturing, Inc., we work in full support of our customers to provide them with high quality products, delivered on time and on budget. We offer a comprehensive list of secondary services to streamline the procurement process and deliver all the cost and scheduling benefits associated with an end-to-end manufacturing solution.

Waggoner Manufacturing Inc.

Round Rock, Texas


Waggoner Manufacturing, Inc. began as a garage-based support business for Eaton Corporation's newly established Austin facility. Pat Waggoner, a pioneer in the Austin semiconductor industry, began the business in 1979 to provide an efficient source for repairs and service for Eaton's growing customer base. At the time his only employees were his wife and his son. Becoming an expert at servicing components such as Accelerator Columns, Source Insulators, Ion Power Supplies, and other ion implanter components, the business quickly outgrew his garage. Resigning from his "day job" at Eaton, Pat moved the young company to its own facility and renamed it L.G. Electronics. At that time, Pat purchased several manual machines and a single Mazak CNC mill. L.G. Electronics incorporated in 2000 and was renamed Waggoner Manufacturing to honor its founder and leader. And the rest is history. Today Waggoner Manufacturing, Inc. employees 25 highly skilled machinists, technicians, and office personnel. And even though Eaton (now called Axcelis) has long since left Austin for Massachusetts we are still the company's primary source for service work on Accelerator Columns and Source Insulators. But we've since shifted our focus from service to machining and have succeeded in becoming a true modern machine shop over the years. We have become experts on designing and manufacturing small to medium sized stainless steel, aluminum, and machined plastic parts and components. And of course we are still family owned.

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