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VLSIP Technologies Inc

Richarson, Texas

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


VLSIP Technologies Inc., a world wide leader in electronic components and high density modules, VLSIP designs, manufactures, and tests electronic components and modules for multiple applications. The applications for these electronic modules are enhanced by combining by converging functions, and by reducing component module and PCB size via miniaturization techniques. Applications for these modules can be found in the Medical, Communications, Industrial, Commercial, and Military markets.



  • chip to chip and chip to chip to package
  • chip to multilayer printed circuit boards directly
  • chips embedded into modules
  • chip to package and to substrates including flexible substrates with external I/Os.
  • Surface Mount Technology  ( 0101 packaged  parts)
  • Ball Grid Array (.25mm ball size, .4mm pitch and ball counts from 4 to 1152)
  • chip to package with external I/Os
  • Flip Chip (3 mil ball size, 8 mil pitch)
  • Stacked Chip, Chip Scale, and Direct Chip Attach
  • Mixed technology substrates, tapes,  rigid flex and flex as well as rigid printed circuit boards.

Our services include mixed signal (analog, digital, and RF) design & layout, 3D EM modeling and simulation, prototype assembly, volume production, and test that conform to each customer’s stringent quality requirements. Manufacturing operations meet the quality & reliability requirements certified by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.

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