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Fab Source

Grand Prairie, Texas


LoneStar CNC ,LLC / EIN:61-1753822 JCP Military data agreement number:0074042 DB: 06-7645948 ISO Registered : expiration 3-1-2016 SIC: 333000 NAICS: 332710


Grand Prairie, Texas


Tito's manufacturing is a company that is committed to providing clients with the highest quality and customer service. We will see that your metal fabrication projects will be done right and on time.

Loyd's Wire Harness Manufacturing

Grand Prairie, Texas


Loyd's Wire Harness Manufacturing is located in Grand Prairie, Texas, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Fabrication, Wire Harness, Electro-Mechanical Assembly.

Howell Tool & Machine

Grand Prairie, Texas


Howell Tool & Machine is located in Grand Prairie, Texas, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Engineering & Design Services, Stamping, Machining.


Arlington, Texas


OUR VISION STATEMENT Premier Components, Inc. strives to be a valuable resource to both our Customers and Principals by conducting the sales process with qualified sales professionals that work within a framework of consistent and documented processes. We employ active decision making processes in our "Forward Thinking Approach" to business. We will continue to grow the agency by remaining profitable and having a clearly defined plan for the future. OUR COMPANY PROFILE ESTABLISHED: September 1982 SIZE: We have six Outside Sales Representatives, One Inside Sales Person and One Administrative Manager. OBJECTIVE: Our primary objective is to continue to build a sales agency that both our customers and principals consider to be the "PREMIER" sales agency for component parts. There are three primary steps in reaching our objective. First, cultivate a customer following through service and quality so that Premier Components and the companies we represent are thought of first for mechanical and electro mechanical components. Second, carefully select a principal base that meets our customer needs and leads to long lasting partnerships. Third, assemble the right personnel that can provide a sales and service effort that results in profitable, long-term relationships between Premier, our principals, and our customers. TERRITORY: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Cities of Mexico bordering Texas. CUSTOMER BASE: Our customer base consists of OEM manufacturers, their contract manufacturers, and distributors in a variety of industries. Our sales approach has developed a broad base of customers. These accounts range from Fortune 500 companies such as; Alcatel USA, Johnson Controls, and Halliburton to smaller companies that may have only one requirement that we can service. We feel a customer base that crosses industry lines and contains companies of various sizes insulates Premier and our principals from swings in the economy that can affect a single industry. This philosophy has proven itself over the years. Despite fluctuation in the econoym, our agency sales have continued to grow. PRINCIPAL BASE: Premier's principal base consists of companies that primarily manufacture mechanical and electro mechanical components. We have made an effort to keep our lines as compatible as possible to make our sales effort efficient. We are very proud of the fact that we have a history of longevity with our principal base, in that most of our principals have been with us for over five years. SALES EFFORT: We feel to have an effective sales effort it must be: (1) PROFESSIONAL (2) ASSERTIVE (3) PERSISTENT (4) WELL MANAGED We make it a point to define our customer's needs and the timeliness of their requirements so that we can better determine when they should next be contacted. As sales is very much a name recognition business, our persistence allows us to make a habit of being in the right place at the right time. In addition to personal calls, we conduct periodic mailings and e-mail contacts, which are then followed up with a telemarketing effort to increase the effectiveness of the mailings. This allows us to contact more people in a large geographic area and pinpoint our personal sales calls. The results are bonafide opportunities for orders that, when coupled with proper follow up, result in business that is mutually profitable. On an annual basis, we forecast sales dollars by customer for each principal. The forecast is monitored throughout the year to help direct our sales effort.

Mercer Metals

Grand Prairie, Texas


Mercer Metals is located in Grand Prairie, Texas, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Sheet Metal, Fabrication.

Texstars Inc

Grand Prairie, Texas


Welcome to Texstars

AS9100; ISO 9001:2000

Our manufacturing strengths become your solutions. . . through the application of lean principles.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer we have with excellence in custom aerospace fabrication and customer service on a personal level. Every company consists of people with integrity and goals. Texstars’ lean culture and technical capabilities help these people reach their goals through effective processes and conscientious communication.

Fabricating aerospace assemblies that utilize composite and thermoplastic materials is our business. These core competencies complemented with support capabilities such as tooling fabrication, general assembly and R & D facilitate success. Your success is our success.

About Texstars

Texstars has earned its reputation for taking on challenges and succeeding where others have fallen short. The equipment and infrastructure we possess along with the vast domain of experience, capability and competence translates into an organization prepared to turn your concept into reality.
Texstars is that organization. We are a leader in the fabrication of some of the most sophisticated aerospace parts and assemblies made from non-metallic materials anywhere. The emergence of new, cutting-edge materials and processes allows us to grow with the demands of future aerospace applications.

Texstars Manufacturing Capabilities

Texstars offers a designed mixture of manufacturing processes and fabrication experience that utilize composite and thermoplastic materials that serve the aerospace and transportation industries. The eleven distinct areas of expertise are detailed by combinations of manufacturing process, material technologies and related activities and operations. Our turnkey capabilities make us very unique in the world of aerospace and our go-forward attitude empowers positive results.

Our one-stop-shop capabilities include:

  • Composites – Fabricated prepreg lay-ups, VARTM & autoclave processing
  • Civil & Military Transparencies – Forming & coating of aircraft transparencies
  • Transparent Armor – Ballistic windows & vision blocks for military armored vehicles
  • Composite Armor Solutions – Non-metallic armored vehicle protection and body armor
  • Thermoplastics – Forming and molding of engineering-grade thermoplastic materials
  • TexStretch™ Stretched Acrylic – Durable, high-optical transparency sheet material
  • F-16 Transparencies & Canopy Dry Seals – Core military transparency support data
  • Mass Transit Interiors – Interior liners, window masks and related product fabrication
  • Assembly & General Fabrication – Operations in support for value-added next-higher assemblies
  • Research & Development – Cutting edge process development and emerging technologies
  • Tooling Design & Fabrication – In-house tooling fabrication & support

Composite Capabilities
Texstars is a fully integrated fabricator utilizing advanced composite thermoset materials in both commercial and military aerospace markets.
Lean principles and practices are integrated into every activity, process and operation to minimize touch time and associated costs while maximizing customer satisfaction.

Texstars’ Nadcap AC7118 accreditation strongly states our commitment to excellence in aerospace composites fabrication. Autoclave and oven-cure prepreg lay-ups, resin-transfer molding, resin-infusion and VARTM are
among the composites manufacturing disciplines within our capabilities.

Our tooling design & fabrication blended with our value-added assembly and general fabrication set Texstars apart as the ultimate aerospace onestop-

Thermoplastics Capabilities
Texstars has a wealth of experience and expertise in the molding and forming of engineering-grade thermoplastics and thermoplastic composites. Our
injection molding, thermoforming and blow molding processes combined with our value-added general fabrication and assembly capabilities offer
“one-stop-shop” sourcing that can reduce the vendor base of our valued customers.

The use of exotic, high-temperature and filled materials are common at Texstars. Our immense history and collective engineering knowledge are truly uncommon in the aerospace and defense industry.

Thermoplastic Aerospace Products
• Interior Panels
• Air Ducting
• Housings
• Stretched Acrylic
• Sabots
• Rocket Pod Covers
• Containers
• Missile Components
• Covers
• Glare Shields
• Engine Covers
• Optical Laminates
• Seat Components
• Wing Slats
• Ordnance Components
• Air Diffusers
• Inlet Covers
• Classified Parts

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