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Marks Machine Co.

El Campo, Texas


Marks Machine Co. is located in El Campo, Texas, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Fabrication, Machining, Sheet Metal, Stamping, Woodworking.

Blue Creek Foundry

El Campo, Texas


Blue Creek is a quick responding foundry specializing in wear, corrosion and heat resistant centrifugal and sand casting, located just an hour southwest of Houston, Texas. We specialize in all 300 and 400 grades of stainless steel, high alloys and chrome iron produced to ASTM, AISI and proprietary specifications. Blue Creek casts using the latest Inductotherm electric furnaces and completely monitors the metal chemistry, raw materials, furnace charges and operation procedures which are all backed up by our top notch metallurgical laboratory. We comply with MIL-I-45208A and maintain a current Quality Assurance Program and manual. If you desire to improve your current casting quality or just want to work with a foundry that understands the need for fast answers and quick deliveries, call us! toll free at 1-800-843-6295. Established in 1986 to produce quality centrifugal and sand castings in both ferrous and nickel base compositions, Blue Creek offers experienced personnel working in a carefully designed facility, providing rapid delivery at competitive prices.Mark Hanson, President (BBA Baylor University) has 30 years in industrial sales, foundry production and administration. Chuck Hanson, Chief Engineer (BSME University of Michigan) has 40 years in foundry engineering, sales and administration. These are ably supported by dedicated and experienced personnel. The market target for Blue Creek Foundry is primarily high alloy wear, corrosion and heat resistant castings with customers in: Mining Defense Petrochemical Petroleum Industrial wear parts aerospace, naval pump seals and cleaners, jackets pump liners commercial castings for OEM's Production of castings commences with carefully selected and inspected raw materials. Induction furnaces (300# to 1200# capacity ) provide metal to centrifugal casting machines which produce castings from 4 inches to 20 inches in outside diameters and to 8 feet in length or to sand molds. Castings are produced to many specifications (Military, ASTM, as well as proprietary) with the composition continuously monitored by spectrometer.

Mark's Machine Co., Inc.

El Campo, Texas


A Personal Commitment To Quality

Mark's Machine Co., Inc. was started by Mark Pratka. Mark graduated from Lamar University at the top of his class and gained several years of practical work experience in the petrochemical industry before starting up his own machining business in 1979. In 1980, Kay Pratka joined the team as Vice President to streamline the financial and office operations. Mark's Machine became incorporated in 1982.

Mark's Machine initially concentrated its efforts in the compressor valve repair business. Today, in addition to the full service compressor valve division, MMCI offers full service machining, manufacturing, and powder coating. Hard work and dedication to quality service has fueled steady growth at Mark's Machine. As Mark's Machine diversified its repair and manufacturing capabilities, the client base expanded as well. Today, Mark's Machine is the vendor of choice for a growing number of petrochemical, oilfield, and offshore industries.

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