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Claude's Accurate Machining

5.00 (2)

Vancouver, Washington

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Since established, Claude's Accurate Machining Inc. has been serving customers with comprehensive pre-machining and machining capabilities. Having been in business over 20 years gives us the credibility, knowledge, and experience to provide quality work and on time delivery. We have a vast network of vendors we work with which can provide other pre- or post-machining and finishing services.

Sweeny Industries

5.00 (2)

Puyallup, Washington

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Sweeny Machine (a division of Sweeny Industries) is an aerospace machine shop located in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. We are a sub-tier supplier making parts and assemblies for Boeing, Blue Origin and various commerical customers in the area and within the United States and Canada. Sweeny Machine was born out of a buyout and merger of two respected long time machine shops in the region and has since grown and introduced extensive process and technology changes. We currently have 14 CNC machines that span the gamut of machining technologies from Swiss style and up to 9 axis lathes to horizontal and vertical mills. Materials also span the range of aerospace and commercial from plastics and aluminums all the way to Inconel, titanium, Beryllium Copper and the family of aerospace exotic metals.

Dyno Tech Machine, LLC

5.00 (1)

Carlsborg, Washington



Dynotech is located in Snohomish, Washington. With over 30 years of experience machining quality, high precision parts for customers serving a wide range of industrial and commercial markets, Dyno-Tech has accumulated immense pool of experience drawn upon to confront an expanding set of machining challenges. Regardless of your industry – oil and energy, automotive, medical, defense, food and drug, or aviation, we can manufacture the parts and components you need.

Alphaeus MFG

5.00 (8)

Washington, Utah




We are located in St George, Utah. At Alphaeus Manufacturing our focus is on you, our customer. Your satisfaction is at the forefront of our business and as such we are dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of workmanship, service and competitive pricing in the industry. We focus on providing a level of precision and versatility that allows us to cater our machining and prototyping services to very specific customer needs. When you need high quality parts, regardless of your industry, Alphaeus Manufacturing is your source. From firearm, medical and biotech companies to customers in the semiconductor, motor sport, and vacuum forming industries — we have experience with an extremely wide range of customer requirements. So whether you need prototype parts or a full production run, our skilled machinists can quickly and efficiently provide precision CNC Machining to your specifications, in a variety of materials.

Sourcing Allies North America

5.00 (1)

Seattle, Washington



We are a proud team of china sourcing agents that have helped manufacture over a million objects for various companies across the USA and Europe. We guide customers through the process of getting quotes, evaluating factories, managing manufacturing complexities, shipping & transportation, administration and most of all ensuring goods arrive at the desired location in time. All this with the right price, quality and lead time.


Lynnwood, Washington

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


AutoDeriva is a small CNC machine shop based in Everett, WA. We are seeking to diversify our customer base away from our typical prototyping and spares for the aerospace and defense industries. Our primary focuses are on quality and on time delivery. We mainly work with aluminum and 5 and 3 axis milling.

ATD Machine

5.00 (2)

Tacoma, Washington


We are a passionate company trying to push the industry to provide great quality for our customers while providing realistic prices and deadlines. For the last decade, I have put countless hours into perfecting machining strategies, fixturing, and open communication to provide the best product for our customers. My career started in a small job shop where I developed my attention to detail in every aspect of my machined products, and the processes that involved them. I noted that improvements can always be made no matter how seemingly insignificant. I branched off and started to work for an OEM, and I was consistently let down by the products of our machining vendors. I set off to make my mark and ATD was born. 

Metal Creature

Vashon, Washington

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer

<10™ service brand represent founder Bob Powell's life-long interest in manufacturing technologies and mechanical design. After an MIT engineering education and a career in systems software development, Bob tired of sitting at a desk and returned to his roots to launch a manufacturing business. The seeds of the business were the needs of our local farming community. We've since grown to support a wide range of industry.

In 2021, architect Jason Haase joined Bob as co-owner and manager.

Meadow Creature/ has six full-time staff and occupies 6200 sq ft in the Sheffield building, an industrial space in the heart of Vashon Island, formerly occupied by the K2 ski corporation.

Sourcing Systems Intl

Mount Lake Terrace, Washington


Sourcing Systems International is a service based company that acts as your personal purchasing office in Asia for metal and plastic goods. While Sourcing Systems International has a skilled team in Asia, you are buying from a United States based company. That means no constant late night phone calls or email sessions, no negotiating with suppliers or trading houses, and no regular trips to Asia. As former supply chain professionals ourselves, we know cost, lead time, quality and sustainability is important to you. Let Sourcing Systems International be you're your purchasing office in Asia!

Nesbitt Manufacturing LLC

Tacoma, Washington

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Nesbitt's is a small precision CNC machine shop that takes pride in the parts that leave our door's.

We are actively looking for new customers During these difficult times.

Currently we are Serving the Race-Only Automotive Market with our multi-axis milling machines.

Nesbitt's has been providing parts of exotic, ferrous & non-ferrous, or composite materials combined with value added services to Reputable Automotive parts companies for 2+ years.

Our team consists of experienced Craftsmen who are also 6sec.TD licensed Dragster driver's so you can rest assured your parts will be of Superior Quality & Craftsmanship to support Your company and the Racing sport.

Contact us today to see how Nesbitt's can help you!

Available From 6am-9pm weekdays and 9am-5pm PST for text/call.

Email 24hr 355 days a year.

TMD Manufacturing Services

Nine Mile Falls, Washington



TMD Manufacturing Services is a small owner operated custom precision manufacturing company offering machining and wood working services.

Elliot Bay Metal Fabricating, Inc

Mukilteo, Washington



Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience helping businesses achieve their objectives. Here’s how:

At Elliott Bay, we don’t sell products; we provide solutions.

Because you are our priority, we ask questions to find out what you want, what you care about, and what objectives you’re trying to achieve.

Every customer is different. More than ever, you face concerns unique to your business. Once we find out what those concerns are, we’re able to customize your solution, just as we’ve done ever since we began in 1991.

It’s important to the Elliott Bay team to learn how our products or services can meet your needs, which is why we imagine ourselves in your shoes from the beginning to the end of the solution process.

At Elliott Bay, you will find a company who genuinely wants to help you find solutions for your business, as well as someone who explores those solutions with you. You’ll also find someone who is your partner in the design and manufacturing process.

A-1 Precision, Inc.

5.00 (1)

Vancouver, Washington


For over 35 years, we have delivered outstanding service to a range of industries requiring precision machined parts and flawless execution. Our investment in cutting-edge CNC machining centers and CNC lathes ensures we can meet your project’s technical requirements and your expectations. With state-of-the-art computerized turning and machining centers, plus uncompromising ISO 9001-2008 Quality Control processes, A-1 Precision delivers customer satisfaction.

D & E Kustoms, LLC

4.00 (1)

Sequim, Washington


D E Kustoms is a small business owned and operated in Sequim, Washington. We specialize in manufacturing, consulting, and design.

Machining: DE has the ability to machine your prototype s or production run parts using both conventional machines and the most advanced CNC machines. Our facility has both turning and milling capabilities. We can machine all exotic alloys that most machine shops will not touch. Our company has extensive experience in machining explosion-bonded bi-metal materials. We also have experience in machining components from stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum. We have in depth background, knowledge, and experience in the firearms industry, vacuum industries as it relates to semiconductor, RD, solar, and vacuum process coating. We utilize the latest in CAD/CAM technology to program our CNC machines.  

Laser Marking: DE has the ability to laser engrave your logos, serial numbers, bar codes, etc. in just about any material.

Welding/Fabrication: DE can perform both TIG and MIG welding, depending upon the materials used and your project requirements. Some services that we outsource to complement our fabrication include but are not limited to:

  • waterjet cutting
  • laser cutting
  • plate rolling
  • shearing
  • x-ray inspection
  • We can even media blast, paint, powder coat, and plate finish welded parts.

Assembly: DE can perform simple to complex assembly. We have a wide array of hand tools, including calibrated torque wrenches to insure proper torque specifications are met during assembly. We can verify functionality of assemblies before they leave our facility. This capability allows us to provide you with a turnkey solution to reduce your overhead costs.

Secondary Processes: DE has established working relationships with many secondary service companies to be able to provide our customers with a finished product. These services include but are not limited to:

  • anodizing
  • electro-polishing both stainless and aluminum
  • plating including nickel, copper, and gold
  • powder coating
  • painting
  • heat treating
  • grinding

Mechanical Design: DE has the ability to help you design your parts and/or assemblies. We utilize the latest in 3D modeling technology. Solid models, manufacturing drawings, bill of materials, and graphical images can be created at DE.

Mechanical Engineering: DE contracts with certified mechanical engineers when necessary to insure that your project and or design meets all of your required safety requirements and functionality requirements. FEA analysis can be performed using 3D solid models. We can analyze for structural integrity, thermal uniformity, and vibration. Full reports are provided with parameters used for the analysis and hand calculations if performed.

Project Management: DE has years of experience with managing projects both large and small. We can manage your manufacturing/assembly project from inception to installation. Utilizing project management software, design collaboration meetings, and video conferencing we can successfully manage your project.

Consulting: With our years of manufacturing experience we have found ourselves helping our customers solve their problems. DE now provides professional consulting services to our customers. This includes but is not limited to: design, assembly, materials, manufacturing, plant layouts, lean manufacturing techniques, tooling, and professional staffing for the manufacturing industry.

ASCO Machine, Inc.

4.76 (33)

Vancouver, Washington


ASCO Machine is located in Vancouver, WA. We are a machine shop with many capabilities including large machined components, large turned shafts, quick turnarounds, press repair, welding, fabricating, machining, rigging, prototypes clutches/brakes/driveshafts, on-site portable machining, tonnage calibration, and OEM service work.

OKSEMT Corporation

5.00 (1)

Tacoma, Washington


Welcome to our shop where quality comes standard!

Our shop was founded by Roman Esmant- an engineer and machinist. In the past Roman was working on analytical instruments design and R&D in chemical and medical fields. After being in business for years Roman discovered his true passion- CNC machining. Engineering background allows us to truly understand not only drawings that you provide but also the parts and assemblies you are working on. We can work together and hit that balance of function and manufacturability that will fit your budget.

Located in the heart of the pacific northwest- Seattle area gives us "next door" access to numerous vendors and suppliers so our workflow is consistent and smooth.

Let's talk about your current or future project today,


CAB Inc.

Fife, Washington

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


CAB Incorporated's 35+ year successful track record of success is based on long term customer satisfaction and commitment to quality. A Key Differentiator that sets CAB apart is our significant investment in quality control.

Reduce Risk and reduce Total Cost of Ownership of your castings and forgings with CAB's worldwide team of engineers with strong expertise in foundry technology, forging processes, metallurgy, machining processes, fixturing, and quality assurance metrology and statistical process control.

Need a domestic supply chain with value added services such as Just In Time inventory from our distribution facilities located in Texas, Washington, and Canada. CAB can handle your domestic supply needs also, managing quality and scheduling maintaining inventory at our facilities for Just In Time release.

Value added services are available at our Texas and Washington manufacturing and distribution facilities include machining, repackaging (including customized packaging solutions), kitting, testing, inspection, welding, and assembly.

Shamrock Machining Inc

5.00 (1)

Spokane, Washington


Shamrock Machining is a full service Fabrication and Machine Shop with a plethora of top of the line, high tech Mills, Lathes, and Laser Cutters. Our Quality Control System is ISO 9001-2008 Certified. It is the goal of Shamrock Machining Inc. to provide product that meets and exceeds the expectations of the customer in regards to quality, on time delivery, and the achievement of total customer satisfaction. Shamrock's customer partners are world class leaders in their fields.

Plastic Injection Molding Inc

1.00 (1)

Richland, Washington


Plastic Injection Molding, Inc. (PIM) is a family owned and operated provider of high-quality injection molded plastic parts. We can work closely with you to deliver the plastic parts you need at a reasonable cost and in a desirable timeframe. With a personal touch and professional results, PIM can offer an unprecedented level of satisfaction in providing parts for your product. Owners Ken and Sharon Williams have the experience, design know-how, and injection molding expertise to deliver superior parts when you need them! Plastic Injection Molding, Inc. is a full service, one stop manfucature that provides all the services you require to get the job done how and when you need it. From paper to production, PIM offers innovate product development and design evolution solutions including: Design -Design Specification -3D Modeling -Prototyping Production -Tooling Fixturing -Material Specifications -Production Molding -Insert Molding -Over Molding Secondary Operations -CNC Machining -Ultrasonic Welding -Inserts -Pad Printing -Hot Stamping -Assembly -Packaging

Advanced Component Services

Snoqualmie, Washington

Started in 2006, Advanced Component Services (ACS) is a contract manufacturer with its main office and distribution center located in the Seattle area and support offices and warehouses in China and England.

From its inception, ACS has operated as a contract manufacturer and commercial distributor primarily focused on developing and selling components used in commercial food service equipment, beverage equipment and lighting.

ACS has manufactured over 4,000 different products for its commercial customers. We directly or indirectly supply components to companies operating supermarkets, c-stores, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, office coffee service businesses and other types of establishments.


Seattle, Washington

WE Specialized in SS, Aluminum and Steel

Toge Industries

Kent, Washington

Our mission is to be an influential industry leader in the machining space. We want to be a company that delivers quality parts, on time and on budget. Continuously pushing the envelope of current standards, we have spent countless hours creating and perfecting an intensely meticulous process to ensure all parts are done correctly and to spec. When customers choose Toge Industry they choose confidence.



, Washington

Full service woodshop with CNC (plasma, router, marking) capabilities.

Wright Edge Mfg.

BELFAIR, Washington

  • Small one man shop

Woodland Trade Company

Tacoma, Washington

Woodland Trade Company designs and manufactures tooling for the aerospace, space, automotive and marine marketplace. We manufacture jigs, fixtures, molds, and prototypes utilizing CNC machining, 3D printing and composites fabrication methods. We are ISO 9001:2051 certified and ITAR registered. Our best reference is Boeing who has awarded us their Supplier of the Year award in 2007 and 2017.

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