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Stowe, Pennsylvania



Lynn is a Manufacturer based out of United States that joined MFG in 2009. They specialize in .

Moscow Mills Inc

Stowe, Vermont

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Moscow Mills Begins its ISO certification journey in 2009!! For more than 14 years, Moscow Mills Manufacturing (hubzone certified) has been providing state-of-the-art manufacturing and engineering services to the high-tech, defense and consumer products industries. With 2-3-5 and 7 axis capabilities that include mechanical engineering, 7 Axis Turn /mill, multiple high-end five-axis machining centers for prismatic components and CNC lathes , 3 axis CNC equipment that have been modified in-house to achieve extreme levels of precision and repeatability, Moscow Mills has a track record of producing components and assemblies that push the limits of high precision and complexity. Many customers look to Moscow Mills for turn-key mechanical engineering and manufacturing solutions including electromechanical assemblies and sub assemblies to address project specific requirements. Customers include defense industry giants such as General Dynamics, Battelle (Bluefin Robotics) and Goodrich Aerospace as well as some of the most advanced small defense companies such as Boston Engineering, Optics1, Foster-Miller and the O’Gara Group. In addition, Moscow Mills has worked for government, academic and commercial customers including Sandia National Labs, NASA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Media Lab and Robotics Group), University of New Hampshire, Suss Microtec and NOAA. Moscow Mills projects have included prototypes of General Dynamics Advanced Crew Served Weapon; space-qualified components for the next-generation of space telescopes; and the net-based Boat Trap which is in final phase testing by U.S. Coast Guard and other branches of the government. Moscow Mills components and assemblies have been used on robots that have explored the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Balanced key components for the F22 raptor and F35 JSF power plants and as part of the Navy “GhostSwimmer” project. An autonomous robot built in part by Moscow Mills currently holds a world record for descending more than 3000 feet into an oil well and returning intact. Moscow Mills continues to be integrally involved in multiple sensitive and classified projects in fields such as specialized robotics, Non Lethal weapons, electro-optical systems, and new munitions technologies. Today, Moscow Mills has gained a reputation for precision, on-time delivery, engineering value-add and cost containment from customers across the U.S. and overseas. Moscow Mills begins working on cost with its customers from the minute it begins a project.. Moscow Mills ads value to a customers project by checking tolerances, fits and feature requirements. Moscow Mills is able to reduce cost for it’s customers by minimizing or eliminating costly rework during R&D cycles. By utilizing state of the art software, 5 axis CNC equipment and other high end tools and equipment Moscow Mills’ is able to turn on a dime as customers demands may require.. By helping our customer deliver high end projects on time via our interactive value added services we are a valuable member of the team not simply a discreet element….Many times this in depth interaction minimizes iterative project costs .Our ability to support our customers through R&D, LRIP and on into production helps to tie all the elements together into a cohesive whole..

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