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Turgeon Engineering Inc.

Shillington, Pennsylvania



Turgeon Engineering, Inc. is located in Shillington, Pennsylvania and has over 60 years of experience in analog design, testing and simulation. During this time Turgeon Engineering has been assisting companies such as Lucent, Elmos, Legerity, Tyco, and Raytheon with their custom analog and mixed-signal designs. We offer a complete design service from concept to product delivery. By guiding our customers towards manufacturable ICs at the onset of the design, we have successfully saved them time and money by shortening the development to production transition. Our proven methodologies save you time and money while increasing your ability to meet your customer's requirements. Turgeon engineers are professional, experienced and versatile. We have had over 50 product successes in industries such as Defense, Automotive, Communications, Aerospace, Computing and Storage. We have experience with components such as IC’s for DOD fighter plane radars, undersea telecom cables, laser controllers, barcode scanners, automotive controllers, Cable modems and DC-DC converters. We can work as part of your design team or in a complete design to fabrication outsourcing mode. Our tools and software capabilities include EDA tools for custom design of integrated circuitsand printed circuit boards, as well as Spice, Chipmonk, Magic, Gemini and DRC. We are also qualified MIL 45208. Our designs work for you. Our services include Circuit Design, Circuit Simulation, Device Modeling, Thermal Analysis, IC Layout, IC testing (we can characterize -55C to 125C. Wafer prober 4,5,6 and 8 inch. Test over 200 I/.O’s/), IC Laser Trimming, IC Packaging and IC Fabrication Support. Please visit our primary website at for details of our capabilities and the services we provide, from design and modeling to testing and support. You can also find technical information on device modeling, circuit design, and CAD tools. Thank you for visiting Turgeon Engineering. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to register for the free materials available on the site. Turgeon Engineering Inc. is a 100% veteran owned small business.

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