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Rightnour Machining Co.

Mingoville, Pennsylvania

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


RMC’s Goal - To provide a one-stop shop for the machining and production needs of our customers.


RMC’s Vision – To create not only loyal customers, but build partnerships that allow for continued growth and opportunities for both the customer and RMC to meet or exceed their objectives.



Stainless Steels 303, 304, 316, 316L, etc…

Aluminum 6061, 3003, 2024, 2011, etc…


Plastics Delrin, G7, Acrylic, PEEK, Teflon, Ultem, Radel, PVC

Vespel, etc...

Carbon Steels

Typical profiles include round, hex, square, tube, sheet

or specialty shapes.





RMC utilizes statistical evaluations and process controls throughout Incoming Raw Material, Set-up Validation, Operator Inspections, and Final QA. All production personnel are trained on our quality control procedure and every step is taken to ensure quality at each phase of the operation. RMC utilizes quality procedures not as a means to complete a product, but to ensure the product performs to the customers’ requirements each and every time.


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