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Hy-Tech Machine Inc.

Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania


Hy-Tech Machine, Inc. located in Cranberry Township, PA. Hy-Tech Machine started in 1923 and is a proud American company manufacturing the highest quality replacement parts and pneumatic tools. Our products under the brand names of ATP, ATSCO, Ozat, Thor, Eureka, and Thaxton are sold in the USA and international markets. We manufacture over 20,000 replacement parts offering the highest quality alternative to OEM parts and tools for many recognized brand names such as Ingersoll Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, Cleco, Sioux, and many others. We offer a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. We also have our own gear manufacturer called Quality Gear located in Punxsutawney, PA that provides all gear requirements for Hy-Tech Machine and outside customers. As you can see from above, we specialize in manufacturing pneumatic parts and tools for original equipment manufacturers. For many years, we focused only on impact tools, pneumatic grinders, and percussive tools but over the last several years we have branched out into other markets. The markets we now sell into for pneumatic tools and parts are as follows: fabricated metals, power generation, petrochemical, ship building, construction, refineries, railroad, and mining. Hy-Tech Machine designs, engineers, reverse engineers, and manufactures a wide variety of parts and assemblies for unlimited applications. Our products are used in the world's harshest environments that truly test the durability of our products. Hy-Tech Machine provides solutions. By continually doing this for other clients, Hy-Tech Machine finds better and more efficient ways to make a better product that lasts longer and costs less, and we can do that for you.


Cranberry, Pennsylvania

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We do 2D & full 3D CNC routering on a 4' x 8' table,rotary axis equipped.Products include small & large casting patterns,prototype models,2D cutouts,sacrificial foams for casting,molds,engravings such as large scenes,custom engraved wood trim such as mantels & rosettes.We cut foams,plastics,composites,any wood or wood product,brass,copper,aluminum,some light steel machining,bone,ivory,pearl,granite,etc. We use ArtCam Pro for design & machine programming as well as Solidworks,Gibbscam & VX for design work.Our specialty is one of a kind.

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