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Proshort Sting Services, Inc

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Brockway, Pennsylvania

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Since August 1993, Proshort Stamping Services Inc. has supplied our customers with an extraordinary assortment of parts, technology, and processes that can generate your next desired project. We use laser, water jet, and stamping techniques to create a blank. This can be sold as is, or continued to be manufactured. Your parts can be bent, milled, drilled, welded, coated, etc.

Falls Creek Powdered Metals Inc

Brockway, Pennsylvania


ISO 9001-2008 Falls Creek Powdered Metals Inc is a full service Powdered Metal Forming company. We have been an ISO 9001:2000 certified company since 2001, and have recently obtained ISO 9001-2008 certification. We feel that our company is unique in its ability to diversify. Falls Creek Powdered Metals produces a wide variety of pawls, gears, cams, sprockets, bushings, bearings, washers, and other mechanical and hydraulic components. These components are made from iron, bronze, copper, brass and stainless steel. Their uses range from lawn and garden, electrical, and electronics to automotive and aeronautic applications. We take pride in producing high quality parts at very competitive prices. Our minimal overhead and just-in-time delivery enables us to keep prices low while maintaining the highest level of quality. Our company's success and growth is the direct result of our experienced production team and our excellent customer service. We specialize in short run production, but have the production capacity to accommodate long runs as well. For further review of our services, please go to our website We appreciate your consideration!

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