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Shane Linetty

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Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania


Linetty Machining is dedicated to machining parts to precision and quality in a timely fashion. We are a strong competitor because we try to make everything as automated as possible to ensure the best product with the lowest overhead. We have more than one Machine shop in our family and we can handle high volumes or custom machining while keeping good interactions with our customers to meet there needs. One of our family businesses is K&L Machining. You can find more out about K&L at You may notice that we are new to MFG and we will have lower quotes than some of your competitors. We do this so we can encourage early growth and we want to ensure that any customer can stick with us because we plan on keeping the best work for a price that most won’t be able to beat. If you have multiple jobs we can help you get them made in one place so that you can save on shipping and other expenses by going through us.


Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania

Vallorbs is located in Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining.

Shrock Fabrication

Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania


Where there's a need there's got to be a solution! We will be happy to take a look at any project - and we always give you honest answers at no charge. We specialize in custom wrought iron, aluminum, and architectural work as well as custom production parts in steel or aluminum. Much of our work is custom wrought iron railing or custom aluminum railing. We also build some of the world's best horse stalls. We have just engineered two brand new Horse Stall systems to beat almost every stall system on the market - most with hands down. Some of the equimpment we have in-house. ABB Robotic Welding CNC Hydrolic Press CNC Bending (hot and cold) CNC Embossing CNC End Forging (hot and cold) CNC Twisting (hot and cold) CNC syncronized press / twisting, (hot and cold) CNC Scrolling (hot and cold) High Speed Rod Cutters Punch Presses Numerous Welding stations Tig, and/or Mig. Grinding & Polishing Equipment. We also do out-source quite a few special projects and have special connections with local businesses, steel service centers, and mills around us. Because of this we do tackle many projects outside our equipment list or in-house capabilities.

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