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Here at ATI, Inc we are a desin, manufacturing and assembly company that has been in business since 1992. We focus on CNC turning, utilizing CNC Swiss, CNC lathes and CNC mills. We areStaffed with our highly trained, dedicated CNC machinists and support personnel 24 hours a day enables flexible thru-put.At Allied, we understand that 70% of the manufacturing costs of a product are determined by Design decisions. Production decisions account for the other 30%. Our trained Engineers collaborate with Customers' Engineering teams to: Reduce the number of components Develop modular design Standardize components across customer product lines Fail safe design compliance using functional and nonfunctional external features We assemble machined and purchased components for Hydraulics, OG, Power and Hi-Technology industries. Assembled components range from full 5" Check Valve for the Hydraulics industry to Components for the High Technology and Semiconductor industries. Leading the full life cycle of the part from sourcing raw materials from Mills to finished Hydraulic valves enables us to optimize efficiencies across the value chain on component design to assembly and pass the savings to our end customer.Allied works with our in house, regional and national vendors for specific finishing processes ranging from Passivation, Plating, Heat Treatment, Thread lock patch to Precision Grinding. In all cases, Allied completes the final QC inspection post Finishing for compliance to specifications before final shipment to Customer.

CoSource USA

Tualatin, Oregon


CoSource USA is located in Portland, Oregon. As a division ofQ-Pacific, and with plants in the U.S., China, and Mexico, we provide products made with steel,stainless, aluminium, plastic, and we also supply electronics, tubing and renewable energysolutions.

Morrison Engineering

Tualatin, Oregon


Morrison Engineering is a precision machine shop specializing in short run production work and in specialty prototype parts. We supply CNC milling and turning for small to medium sized parts in most metals and plastics stressing close tolerance work and a quality product. Our close association with a broad base of subcontractors allows us to provide not only machining but also completed parts including heat treating, grinding, plating, or specialty painting. We can also provide light assembly for parts produced in our shop. We offer design assistance or complete design and detailing in Autodesk Inventor utilizing 3-dimensional parametric solid modeling. Rendered views of solid models can be provided for use in brochures or manuals. General Quality Policy Morrison Engineering and Machine Inc. are committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of products, services, and the quality management system.

Sunset Manufacturing Co

Tualatin, Oregon


Sunset Manufacturing Co is located in Tualatin, Oregon, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Fabrication.

Northwest Die Casting

Tualatin, Oregon

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Farwest Fabrication Co.

Tualatin, Oregon

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Farwest Steel is a leading processor, fabricator, and distributor of carbon steel products located in Eugene, Oregon, with branches serving the Western US. For over half a century we’ve worked to redefine what a steel service center can be, growing our services, providing the latest equipment, and developing the experience to meet your most demanding manufacturing challenges.   We work fast and smart, and we temper every job with a commitment to service and innovation.
Farwest Rebar Fabrication can lower your project cost – With extensive experience in projects ranging from highways and high-rises to small specialty orders, Farwest Steel can help you keep your project on track. 


Farwest Steel Estimators and Detailers utilize state of the art technology to provide accurate and timely bids, placing drawings and material to your projects. Decades of experience in the rebar industry, accurate project management tools, and our commitment to service and innovation are yours when you partner with Farwest Steel.


Our Rebar Fabrication facilities are strategically located throughout the west to support our customers during times of high demand. Skilled craftsmen using cutting-edge fabrication equipment have the ability to respond to the needs of your project. We provide a full range of reinforcing steel products, including specialty products such as wire mesh, high-strength steel, mechanical couplers, epoxy coated rebar, and many others. Farwest Steel pioneered the use of stainless steel rebar in the northwest, invented a corrosion-resistant dual-coat rebar , and continues to provide innovative solutions for the reinforced concrete industry.


Farwest Steel has a long-standing reputation for excellent service and on-time delivery. Our belief in the concepts of using best practices and continuous improvement combine with our dedicated workforce to ensure that your experience with Farwest Steel is a positive one.

Applied Market Concepts LLC/ QBF Inc.

Tualatin, Oregon

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Metal Forming, Bending and Welding


Our equipments include full range of metal cutting, metal forming, tube bending, and welding, such as WIEDEMANN CNC press punch with PLASMA, CINCINATI 600Ton brake press, HPM 600Ton Automatic hydraulic press, and shear, Toledo 395Ton mechanical press, AIDA 150Ton mechanical high speed press, EATON EONARD 3"" CNC tube benders, water jet cutter, TIMESAVER sand paper grinder, CNC measuring machine and laser measuring machine, MIG & TIG welding equipment.


Metal Forming, bending and Welding.


We are supplying OEM parts to automotive industry, machinery and equipment manufacturers. We also supply spare parts for after-market service. Our customers include several world-class leading companies in the field of automotive, machinery and equipments manufacturing like Freightliner, Eaton, American LaFrance, Campbell, Mueller, etc., just to name a few. We provide precision parts and services in machining, heat-treatment, surface-treatment, testing.


QBF provides forming and welding parts in variety of categories cross from auto parts, medical equipments, safety products, sports appliances, fuel tanks, MCC and control cabinets, customer goods.


Our products include truck& auto parts, pump and valves, machinery parts, pulleys and flywheels, pedestal and frames, cylinder and pistons, crank and crank case, etc.


Besides, we supply the following standardized products:

-Series cast iron made classical Vee-pulley and taper   bushed Vee-pulleys;

-Sprocket and gears, Timing wheel, Flat belt wheel and roller wheels;

-Cast iron flywheel (dynamic balanced or static balanced);

-Cast iron made hand wheels and rail wheels;
Bearing block, Flexible couplings, Brake rotors & drums, Tie rod;

-Ductile iron cranks, cast iron crank case, cast iron cylinders, Cylinder hub.



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