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ISCO Manufacturing Solutions

Bend, Oregon


Since 1973 ISCO has provided precision CNC machine work, Design, and Manufacturing Services to a wide variety of industries including Electronics, Medical Equipment, Aerospace and Industrial Manufacturers. We combine our many years of experience with state-of-the-art technology to offer our customers the best product and service value available. Our Quality and Reliability form the foundation of long-term business relationships. Recent additions including ISO certification, Large capacity 5 Axis Milling, and Water Jet Cutting represent the latest in technology to enhance the Quality and Productivity of our services.
ISCO Manufacturing Solutions is located in Bend, Oregon, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Sheet Metal, Fabrication.

RKH Industries LLC

Bend, Oregon

RKH Industries LLC is located in Bend, Oregon, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Sheet Metal, Engineering & Design Services, Fabrication, Machining.


Bend, Oregon

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Established in 2006 OWTC is committed to bring our clients the best quality, delivery and price. To continue to expand our knowledge of the Asian marketplace. To create a foothold in the ever expanding ""World"" of Trading & Sourcing. The Partnership Bond OUR PARTNERSHIP BOND Steve and Ron We begin our story in 1996. While Ron was working as GM at Ernst Brothers, in walked Steve. He was an old friend of the company owners. After visiting with the owners they introduced him to Ron and said ""Hey, we have a restaurant to look at"". So, from that beginning, Steve and Ron created a chain of 14 restaurants with 550 employees over the next 5 years. Well, as things go, Ron left for a software gig and Steve headed to the Portland Airport Sheraton Hotel. For the next 4 years they lead separate lives only touching base from time to time, checking in and talking about all the stories of ""Remember When"" best business times of their life kinda stuff. Then Ron found an opportunity to get into a subdivision development and talked Steve into coming over for the fun of it. But Steve's wife had other ideas for a blissful location. After some recovery and several beers, Steve decided he wanted an Asian wife. So while they were busy during the day building a subdivision, Steve was busy online at night looking for just the right girl. Sure enough, he spotted one in China of all places. For several months he tried to talk Ron into going but Ron needed a business reason. Chaperoning was not on Ron's vacation list. Steve's new girl had a bright idea, ""Hey Boys, Let's go to the Canton Fair--the biggest trade fair in China."" So as luck would have it, Ron and his wife ventured to China with Steve. And the rest is history as they say. They had a grand old time exploring China. The picture below is Steve and Ron standing on the Great Wall. When they visited the trade show, at the first booth they stopped, the bell rang for them. They were searching for housing components for the subdivision and were amazed at the pricing structure and felt they could make a difference in their cost model. So they got busy and created ONE WORLD TRADING COMPANY. The boys were off again on yet another business adventure. Before the development game ended with the collapse of the market, Steve was out rounding up work and taking the lead with One World Trading Company. Now for the juicy parts of why they work so well together. First of all, they are both people oriented. They thrive on the challenges of business--it's a game to them. Both are very competitive yet very sensitive about the lives around them. Steve has a part of him they affectionately call Ebenezer, while Ron can be a Star Gazer. When those two elements cross, expect Merry Christmas and Bah Humbug. And the roles get mixed depending on who is on which side of the argument. It's an energy of UP-DOWN, RIGHT-LEFT, YES-NO and, of course, the final ""I WIN""! But the reason customers keep returning is that all their friendly push-pull continues until they reach a result that's a win for everyone--and not just a small win. Working with Ron and Steve, is like knowing you've got a home run king on your team. You know they'll do everything they can to bring you in a big win. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU! STEVE and RON Ron's resume:

Lodestar Technical Solutions LLC

Bend, Oregon

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Lodestar Technical Solutions is a US and China based company representing several top quality China based manufacturing companies. All of our suppliers focus on the export market and have extensive experience meeting the cost and quality requirements of leading US companies in the Industrial, Medical, RF, Telecom and Power Conversion markets. We specialize in electronic contract manufacturing services (from PCBAs to turn key box builds), sheet metal assemblies, precision machining , custom heat sinks and cold plates. We have a Shenzhen China based support staff to insure that all inquires are handled in a timely and professional manner, to manage our supplier's performance and to eliminate the need for costly late night phone calls and supplier visits to China. We can also assist you with sea or air shipment logistics and costing. International credit and payment terms can be arranged with all of our suppliers.


Bend, Oregon

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Machine shop is 3 axis CNC capable. 

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