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A&S Machine Shop,LLC

Whipple, Ohio


A S Machine Shophas been inbusiness in Southeastern Ohio 10 yearsthat utilizes manual and CNC machines on metal and plastic materials. We can make new parts, repair existing parts, broach keys, weld, and have fabricating capabilities. Our Operating Capacity: Manual lathe - we can swing up to 26" and the biggest shaft is 13" x 50" long. CNC lathe - swings 16" and the biggest shaft is 7.5" x 84" long. CNC Manual milling - working capability on table is 60" x 24". We have over25 years of work experience in the Industrial Machining Industry in the Southeastern Ohio Region. Our rates are competitive, and we will stay open late to complete an immediately needed job. I was onboard with mfg in 2006. I had great success. I left with 4 steady customers. I came back hoping to land more good customers. Basically I am looking for customers who can depend on me to get work done when needed. We look forward to having the opportunity to do business with you. Some of our expertise includes: Farm Garden Machinery Chemical Machinery Construction Mining machinery Oil and Gas Field machinery Elevators and Conveying equipment Hoists, cranes, monorails, and industrial trucks and tractors Metalworking machinery Special industry machinery General Industrial machinery Computer and peripheral equipment and office machinery Refrigeration and service industry machinery Armed Forces machinery and equipment

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