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Woodtech Routing LLC

Millersburg, Ohio


  • We are located in Millersburg, Ohio
  • We are a custom wood machining CNC shop with a focus on providing you with quality parts.
  • Located in the heart of Ohio's Amish country abounding with skilled craftsmen.
  • Lots of additional sources like wood finishing available in our immediate vicinity.
  • We would like to serve your needs and grow together!

Holmes Custom Moulding

Millersburg, Ohio


Woodworking Ohio Woman Owned Amish Country Holmes Custom Moulding is a full service Woodworking facility in Millersburg, Ohio. Over 24 years of expert craftsmanship has blessed us with repeat business and great relationships. SERVICES: Milling Turning Molding (wood) Painting Finishing Chucking Sanding Planing Custom Labeling Branding Our business is empowered by principles of success and moral character. Our ability to face challenges is met on a daily basis and we have always assisted our customers in finding resolution for part designs, shipping, and materials. We are working for 90% of the same customers that chose us in the beginning because of consistent quality and principles. We started doing business with KME Sharpeners in 2007 and they're still a client in 2016! Our delivery is always on time and is a major value in what Holmes Custom Moulding is all about!


Millersburg, Pennsylvania

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer

20-50’s a word that most companies take lightly. At MDGM, we know what commitment means. We are committed to furnish the customer with quality parts, at a competitive cost, and in a timely manner. Quite simply, MDGM is a global force in manufacturing technology. Innovative and quality driven, we have one of the most extensive manufacturing facilities in the country. Our fully integrated machine shop is equipped with state of the art machines and employs veteran machinists. From printing press parts, oil industry parts and parts for a leading manufacture in doors and window, our machine shop is committed to serve the world’s manufacturing demands. Our Turning Centers have the range to turn parts up to 26"" in diameter X 157"" in length, from small poppets and washers to larger cylinders and rolls, we have the equipment to meet your needs when it comes to turning. Our Mazak Integrex Multitask Machine takes parts from 4-5 operations down to one making the part the most efficient way possible at a very competative cost to you the buyer. Our Machining Centers have a machining range of x=25"", y=16"", z=16"" giving us the capabilities to do small and large manufactured parts. It does not stop there, our Grinding expertise rates high as well, with the capabilities to grind parts up to 17"" in diameter X 84"" in length holding toleraces as tight as +/-.0003. We also have a deep hole drilling machine that has a machining range of drilling holes from .500 - 1.500 in diameter X 54"" in length. Other capabilities we have to offer is NC Dynamic Balancing, Gear Hobbing, Spraywelding, Welding and full range of our manual equipment in our manual shop. Our machine shop alone is 27,000 square feet in size. Along with all the machining opportunities we have to offer, MDGM also has the capabilites to service you areas than manufactured parts. Not only do we manufacture simple to complicated parts, we also have the capabliites to design and assemble complicated parts and equipment as well. Our engineering department consisting of mechanical and electrical engineers have the expertise to meet your manufacturing needs from designing a new parts or assemblies to the reverse engineering of parts as well. Along with our endless machining capabilites also comes our committment to Quality. MDGM has a 98% first time pass on the quality of parts that we manufacture at our plant. All jobs will be supplied with quality documentions when your parts are delivered to you. We at MDGM just do not look at manufacturing parts, but establishing a professional and personal relationship with you, the customer.

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