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Swift Manufacturing

Ironton, Ohio

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Swift Manufacturing is a small family owned and operated waterjet cutting/fabrication business located in Ironton, Ohio. Swift opened its doors in January 2011 and has a trained Welding Engineer/Welding Inspector on staff that can help with all of your fabrication needs. Swift was originally apart of Millwright Welding and Fabricating that has serviced the tri-state area for the last 18 years but the demand for Swift’s services has increased and allowed the company to expand to its own location.  Our shop is equipped with a Flow Mach4 4020b Dynamic Waterjet XD waterjet cutter.  Waterjets are the best option for effectively cutting any type of material.  Our machine can cuts with up to 87,000psi.  This specific type of waterjet cutter is capable of cutting any two dimensional shape out of 8 inch thick material along with the added benefit of being able to cut parts in 3D.  The XD cutter allows advanced beveling and up to 60 degrees of motion.  This allows for easy cutting of complex parts in 3D.  The waterjet cutter cuts with a cutting stream that can be composed of either high pressured water or high pressured water with an added abrasive to cut through material

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