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CMM Inspection Certification Precision Technologies Inc. is the ultimate source for your company's product tooling and certification requirements. Our staff has unparalleled experience and utilizes the latest methods and equipment to ensure that your products are designed and built to your specifications and meet your quality program requirements and certification needs. We use cutting-edge technologies and resources to capture and analyze your products' data, including a vast array of metrology services, CAD modeling, 3D reverse engineering, 3D printers, and 3D scanners, along with a state-of-the-art machine shop. We are pleased to be listed as an ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory, so you can rest assured that your calibrations and third party inspections are performed with the highest degree of care possible. PTI's many services are intended to make us your sole destination for your company's tooling needs. If design services are what you need, our team will work side-by-side with you on any product design process, whether that entails a modification of an existing design or designing a product from scratch. Or, if you already have the product design, we can provide superior machine tooling services to make your parts right, the first time. Additionally, when you need certification services, we can provide calibration, third party coordinate measuring machine inspection services, and sorting services, using skilled technicians and including certification papers which are guaranteed to comply with all customer requirements. We are proud of our company's history and our small-town roots. PTI was founded in 1997 in Crestline, Ohio by Pete Dzugan, after recognizing a need for independent Coordinate Measuring Machine inspection and certification services. As our clients' needs evolved over the past few years, PTI expanded its offerings and began providing customized tooling services as well. PTI's dedicated staff are experts at using both tried-and-true and innovative technology to achieve all of your design goals.

Precision Technologies Inc

Crestline, Ohio

Precision Technologies Inc is located in Crestline, Ohio, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: 3D Printing, Machining.

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