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Carnes-Miller Gear Co., Inc.

Locust, North Carolina


Carnes-Miller Gear (CMG) specializes in low volume, high mix (LVHM) custom gears in parallel axis and crossed axis applications. Additionally, we understand shaft-hub connections and manufacture internal and external splines for use in various couplings and shafts.

CMG designs and incorporates quick change fixturing to allow us to operate in a low volume environment with many different types of gears and sizes (LVHM). This enables us to deliver high quality parts in a competitive manner that meet quality requirements. 

FNF Machining LLC.

Locust, North Carolina


FNF Machining, centrally located in Locust, North Carolina, is full service machine shop specializing in turning and milling of all types metal and materials. Our staff is highly trained in the latest technology of precision CNC machining and stand behind the quality and service we provide to our customers. Whether you need a custom one of a kind part to thousands of parts, we provide top expertise from start to finish. For questions about our operations or quotations for your needs, contact Spencer Mason and we will be glad to assist you.

FnF Machining LLC

Locust, North Carolina



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