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Island Technology

Ronkonkama, New York



Island Technology was founded in 1988. Initially started as a contract manufacturing firm, our specialty was the manufacturing of high quality electronic assemblies for the commercial sector. This included printed circuit card assemblies, harness and chassis.

Engineering capability was added in 1992 with the formation of the Industrial Products Group. To date this divisioin has developed a wide variety of products catering to the utilities industry.

Products include: test and measurement systems, substation equipment, switchgear upgrades/ spares/ replacement parts and enviromental safety equipment.

IN 1988, the Defense Products Division was formed. This division helped fill the gap left when many of the larger defense plants downsized of left the area. The technology brought in by the defense division helped to strengthen our position in the Industrial and Commercial sectors.

The Display Division is the latest group to be formed. Staffed by engineering and manufacturing personnel with experience in camera/display technology used in the US Navy and Air Force, their charter is to transfer this knowledge to the commercial display arena. This division specialized in the manufacturing, integration and test of a wide array of flat panel LCD monitors.

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