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Falconer Electronics, Inc

Falconer, New York


We are not able to say that our humble beginnings started in my garage in 1985. Truth be told….I had to launch Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI) in my neighbor's garage (main reason being he had a garage). The beginning stages of producing product in a borrowed garage laid the foundation to always delivering incredible value. Fromworking on the earliest LED heavy duty automotive lamps to producing multi outlet/audio video panels for major retail store fixtures, FEI takes great pride in producing high-quality electrical products and serving our customer's needs. Hard work, determination, a deep commitment to producing superior products and dedication to customer satisfaction have been the keys to the long-term success at FEI.Serving customers of any size is a true honor and privilege.

Jamestown Iron Works, Inc

Falconer, New York


Jamestown Iron Works has been a family owned business since 1881. We specialize in precsion machining, fabrication, grinding and cast iron castings. Our new President, David Maher, is the fifth generation of his family to own and operate the company. Since it's founding, Jamestown Iron Works has had a commitment to quality that holds true to this day. Servicing the Northeast, we can quickly meet your needs. Please call or email us for any large or small job. Equipment List: Lathes 1 King Vertical Terret Lathe, 72" Swing, 48" Underrail 1 King Vertical Terret Lathe, 44"Swing, 36" Underrail 1 American Engine Lathe, 33" x 180" 1 American Pacemaker Heavy Duty Lathe, 27" x 102" 1 Blond Regal Lathe, 19" x 54" 1 Clausing Colchester Lathe, 17" x 72" 1 Clausing Colchester Lathe, 15" x 50" Turn Vision Readouts 1 Clausing Colchester Lathe, 13" x 40" 1 Clausing Toolroom Lathe, 14" x 48" Milling Machines 1 Lucas No. 5 Horizontal Boring Mill, 66" x 72"x 60" 1 Lucas No. 4 Horizontal Boring Mill, 36" x 48' x 72" 1 Cincinnati No. 4 Vertical Mill, 10 HP, 18" x 42" travel 1 Milwaukee No.1 Universal Mill with Dividing Head 1 Beaver MK2 Vertical Mill, 18" x 36" travel 4 Bridgeport Vertical Mills with Digital Readouts Planers 1 Gray Openside Planer, 36" x 36" 12' 1 Cincinnati D.H. Planer, 36" x 36" 12' 1 Gray 4 H.D. Planer, 6' x 6' x 17' Production Equipment 1 Panther full automated horizontal band saw 1 Bardons Oliver Turret Lathe, No 1 1 Gisholt Turret Lathe, No 3 1 Gisholt Turret Lathe, No 4 3 Landis Thread Cutting Heads, No 6 to 1 1/4" 1 Hardinge Model HC Chucking Machine Miscellaneous Equipment 1 Blanchard Grinder No 22-42 (48" Capacity) 1 152" Knife Shear Blade Grinder 1 Meuser Radial Drill, 48" Arm 1 Wilson Hydraulic Press, 100 Ton Capacity 2 Heat Treating Furnaces, General Hardening Carburizing 1 Norton Surface Grinder 1 K.O. Lee Tool Grinder 2 Biax Scraping Tool Complete Metalizing Welding Facilities (Mfg. Tig) Sandblasting Equipment, large scale Foundry Services Gray or Iron Ductile Iron Castings to 2700 lbs Pattern Shop Further Information upon Request

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