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Mechanical Specialties Co.

Binghamton, New York

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Founded in 1957, Mechanical Specialties Company has been providing prototype machining services since it's inception. Based on the integrity and commitment to excellence of the founding owners, MSC occupies a 7500 square foot clean, modern facility in Binghamton, New York, where we have state-of-the-art equipment, experienced personnel, and computerized business systems to help serve your needs.

The MSC workflow utilizes Lean manufacturing technology, which is based around work centers to provide better coordinated service for our clients.

President Gene Mazza joined Mechanical Specialties Co. in 1970, and after 33 years as shop foreman, purchased the controlling shares of the company in 2003 to create the company as it lives today. Gene had a vision to create more custom services for clients who demand the highest degree of accuracy and quality in their machined products.

Our clients range from local and regional entrepreneurs, to light industrial companies, to large aerospace manufacturing companies throughout the country. Our medical tooling customers have given us the opportunity to work throughout the country as well as abroad. From small to large, all our clients receive the highest quality service, on-time, and at an excellent value.

For over 50 years, Mechanical Specialties has brought the engineering and fabrication of precision parts and assemblies to national and international industries.

Through our extensive in-house capabilities, we can assure you of:

Quality - We are fully equipped to consistently provide you with 100% acceptance rates.

Timely delivery - In many instances we are able to manufacture parts overnight.

Flexibility - When necessary, we will arrange to ship your order by the fastest available means.


Mechanical Specialties Company has a depth of experience in a wide range of industrial applications and technologies. Our team prides themselves on delivering excellent customer service from the first call to delivery of final products. Below are our services expertise:

Protoype Machining

Our Prototype machining philosophy is simple: we work directly with our client-provided engineered drawings to produce the most accurate, crafted prototype or custom part possible-quickly and affordably.

CNC Milling

Mechanical Specialties Company is renowned for our high-quality throughput, outstanding personal customer service, and hundreds of years of combined CNC Milling knowledge. 

CNC Turning

With our sophisticated on-site technology, Mechanical Specialties Company can produce ultra-high tolerance turned products right from our shop floor.

Wire and RAM EDM

Mechanical Specialties Co. has over 25 years of experience with Wire and RAM Type EDM. Our clients' unique and demanding precision specifications have made our team's Wire and RAM Type EDM solutions some of the most respected in the Northeast. 

Short Run Production

Our production team is capable of making parts in single pieces, up to larger quantities that fit your specified project scope. 

Complementary Services

Mechanical Specialties Co. provides a full range of services relating to the manufacture of your parts to print. Our Complementary Services will help you better complete your project with the efficiency and quality you demand.

Marli Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Binghamton, New York



Marli Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a Manufacturer based out of United States that joined MFG in 2016. They specialize in and are

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