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Elrae Industries, Inc.

Alden, New York



Elrae Industries, Inc. is an OEM supplier that provides Innovative Metal forming (Stamping to 600 tons AND Roll Forming) and Assembly solutions to a large number of companies. These solutions typically result in cost reduction, higher levels of quality, and a quicker time to market. What does this really mean to you? It means that when you do business with Elrae you get the benefits of working with a large company including: - Value engineering - Kanban flexibility to reduce inventory carrying costs and free up space - EDI - Integrated ERP & related systems - PPAP capabilities - 24 hour customer service and support - Strong management/employee relationships At the same time Elrae allows you to enjoy the personal flexibility of a small to mid-sized organization including: - Innovative approaches to cost savings - Unsolicited cost share backs - A Commitment to developing customer driven long-term relationships - Easy access to the entire supply chain - A Commitment to reducing your internal costs In addition, dealing with a US supplier the caliber of Elrae, reduces many of the risks of buying overseas like: - Unintentional transfer of intellectual property knowledge - Delayed ECO’s - Cumbersome design changes - Offshore Quality Problems - Potential price increases after overseas supplier dependence is developed, and - Other related overseas problems …that can result in an over budget product that is unable to meet the market window the first time. -------- HERE's WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT US ------- ""I want to thank you for the good service your company provided us on the orders last month. Because of your rapid response and fine quality we were able to meet our objectives in this outsource program."" "" -Never have problems with Elrae parts. They are trouble free. -Love Elrae’s packaging. Elrae is one of the only suppliers properly meeting their spec and have plans to use Elrae’s packaging as a model for their other suppliers. -Like our PPAPs because they never have to come back to Elrae for additional information…it’s always there. -Enjoy dealing with the people at Elrae, they are helpful, friendly and meet their needs. -We were impressed that they came to visit us for no special reason, but to learn more about how Elrae’s products are used in our assemblies and to see if there were any issues that Elrae was unaware of that Elrae could continuously imrpove upon."" “It is not very often that I would take the time to notify anyone in writing how pleased I am with a supplier. I feel under the circumstances that Elrae Industries deserves it. They never once said no, forget it, we will need to requote, change the print, etc. They have been a pleasure to work with."" Remember Elrae Industries for Production Stamping, Roll Forming, Assembly to Retail Ready Products. Stamping 20-600 tons, Roll Froming, Mechanical & Electromechanical Assembly, Retail Ready Products.

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